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Forge of Empires is an amazing strategy from developers of InnoGames GmbH studio, which allows you to become an unsurpassed ruler, develop your kingdom and go with it through the centuries. Start tiny village and build a huge city during the ages of Stone Age. There is everything here for true connoisseurs of the genre. Fans of mobile strategy should definitely take a closer look at one of the worthy genre representatives. It has a huge advantage, namely, high dynamics of state development. There is no need to wait for days to complete any improvement, because emphasis is on technological progress. Starting from the bottom, you will have a prosperous civilization with only a couple of huts. If you are interested in strategies, then download also Tower Craft 3D and Clash Quest.

The game managed to acquire a permanent multi-million dollar audience, but did not achieve overwhelming success due to competition. At the moment, the number of downloads has passed the ten million mark and the average score is 4.3 points.

The entire gameplay of Forge of Empires focuses on bringing prosperity to the people entrusted to you. Your state begins with a small hut, created from skins and bones of wild animals. After several weeks or even months of gameplay, you will see a huge metropolis in front of you. The gameplay is striking in its scale. Hundreds of types of buildings, thousands of different technologies, wide variety of army – all this is available to you from the first minutes of the game. It is worth noting the detailed social component of the project. You can unite with other players in alliances, exchange resources, participate in massive military campaigns and conduct diplomatic negotiations with opponents.

Military action is one of the main components of any strategy. At the beginning of Forge of Empires, you have to upgrade your military skills on bots controlled by AI. Developers offer some semblance of a story campaign, which goal is to capture nearby provinces full of resources and wealth. Fighting process may remind you Heroes of Might and Magic. Your and enemy units are shown on the playing field. The battle here is turn-based, so each player makes moves in turn. Opponents beat each other and the winner will be the one whose army survives. Such trips can bring you wealth and experience that you can exchange for development points.

Forge of Empires online battles are more suitable for experienced players. You will be able to enter global map of the world and look for suitable rivals for yourself. While laying siege to castles, you can loot and destroy the player’s territory. If you prefer massive battles, then you can easily join any alliance and take part in the guild battle. Here you may find the most delicious and valuable rewards that can only be in the game.

Forge of Empires was originally a browser game for PC. Subsequently, it came out to android devices. The mobile version is well developed and has nice graphics, so you should definitely familiarize yourself with the project.

It should be understood that donation in projects of this kind is simply inevitable. Real money allows you to buy diamonds that open all doors in front of you. You can instantly build, research technologies, recruit an army, and so on for diamonds in Forge of Empires. However, you can download a mod that allows you to get a large number of diamonds free.

Please note that Forge of Empires mod may work intermittently due to actions of developers and frequent project updates. If you suddenly have any problems with the application, do not forget to follow our updates.

Even if you have not encountered such games before, then a personal advisor named Ragu will teach you the main points of the gameplay. The first step is to understand that foundation of everything here is construction. For example, residential buildings increase the population and replenish the state budget.

Science is an essential element of the gameplay of Forge of Empires. It is the key to development of humanity and your eternal power. However, you need Forge Points to carry out various studies. How to get them? Strategic points generate automatically every hour. However, it is possible to accumulate only a certain amount. The total number grows with a new level. Still, you can purchase missing number of points for coins.

An important indicator that players need to keep track in Forge of Empires is happiness of the population. Unhappy people work poorly, affecting further development. Increasing the happiness level of city is quite simple – you just need to decorate it. Choose the decor to your liking. It can be various architectural monuments, trees, flowers and much more.

Raising the level brings a valuable reward for further success, but in addition to this, you need to complete tasks in order to get valuable things. Have you completed the task? Collect the reward in appropriate section and move on to new achievements! One of the prizes is diamonds, which are extremely valuable currency to build something special.

Strategic games cannot do without military campaigns. Any state and its leader needs an army in order to expand its borders and strengthen global influence. Armaments and tactical maneuvers gradually develop. It is necessary to take into account forces of enemy, nature of terrain, number of troops, weapons used and much more.

Conventional strategies keep players within the same era, but Forge of Empires provides an amazing opportunity to go through the centuries and observe development of humankind. Starting from the Stone Age, you can reach the colonization of Mars gradually.

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