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Game Dev Tycoon is a business strategy game in which you have to try yourself as a game developer. Start from the bottom and build a world-class company that can conquer the entire technology market. Start as a developer in the 80s of the last century. Initially, you create primitive and simple games, but over time, your business continues to grow. The main task here is to take into account the wishes of consumers and create projects taking into account their opinions.

You need to analyze a lot: check the sales schedule of your games, target a specific age audience and think about what aspects you need to work more in any game. In addition to analytical mindset, in Game Dev Tycoon, the user also needs economic abilities. Here you need to calculate the resources correctly so as not to go bankrupt.

With one hundred thousand installations the game already has 4.8/5 rating. Let’s check out the main features of Game Dev Tycoon.

When you start creating your project, first you need to choose a theme for the game. There are 66 of them in Game Dev Tycoon, but initially less than a dozen is available to you. Choose from a variety of themes, be it racing, martial arts, extreme sports, dance or big city action game and create your best project. Explore and unlock exciting new themes that can bring you even more money and fame.

If you want the game to become popular, you need to choose the right genre. There are five of them available in Game Dev Tycoon: action, quests, role-playing, simulation and strategy. Choose one of the options and combine it with a suitable theme. It is very important to choose the right combination, as the success of your development depends on it. For example, combining a quest and a race isn’t the best idea. if you create, for example, a simulator with a bias towards the same races or extreme sports, this is much more promising. Analyze the market, study demand, and delight people with your games.

In addition to the development itself, the Game Dev Tycoon user have to do research. You need experience points, which you receive for successfully developing and selling games. The more points – the more options for research. Using this item, you can create your own game engine or learn how to make games in a new, yet unexplored topic. For example, initially only the study of new topics is available to the hero, but over time you can make your own engine, add mono sound to the game, write manuals, publish magazines on your own games, and much more.

As we said earlier, in Game Dev Tycoon, you are a beginner programmer in the mid-80s, and initially you only have development for two 8-bit consoles. However, over time, you receive messages about the release of more and more modern devices, so the development of games becomes more expensive. The projects themselves are more difficult, but you can also earn more.

Begin this fascinating story as a lone genius creating masterpieces in a small room of a few square meters, and open then your own corporation. You can hire people by moving into a posh office. Train your employees, unlock new opportunities and become the number one company of game developers worldwide.

Although the graphics are not the main thing in this project, Game Dev Tycoon has a pleasant style. The game interface is as clear and concise as possible. Cool music and hundreds of sound effects are waiting for you to notify you of various events occurring during the game.

Game Dev Tycoon is a paid game on Google Play. However, you can check out this excellent project free by downloading a modified version of the game. In addition, there are absolutely no ads here, so you can enjoy an immersive playthrough without distraction by annoying pop-up banners. By the way, if you like cooking and farm simulators, we recommend you Cafeland – World Kitchen and FarmVille 3 – Animals.

We have tested Game Dev Tycoon for our valued users. Based on the verification results, we guarantee you a safe and high-quality game. Just download the mod and enjoy this masterpiece free.

In general, the entire gameplay comes down to the creation of computer and console games. You need to choose the game genre, mix the categories, choose the engine and graphics. Then the stages of project creation begin. Globally there are three of them. At each of them, you choose on which aspect of the game you need to spend more or less time. For example, you have a certain amount of time and three game characteristics: plot, graphics and location design. Depending on the genre, you need to place more emphasis on one of the aspects. When everything is ready, the game goes on sale, and you get reviews from critics. Based on their verdict, your reputation depends. A certain number of people will buy the game, and you will have fans and money. The cooler you become, the more technologies and developers are in your team.

As the game progresses, you climb the levels, and your development rates grow in various aspects. Thus, the experience gained can help to make games of higher quality. You can also take contracts just to make money and experience. Here you have to do hired work, not for yourself. Sometimes it can be very helpful if your firm’s budget is close to zero or there is not enough experience for new research.

Another interesting feature is spy information. Suddenly, a mysterious encrypted message may offer you to buy information about upcoming consoles that will soon enter the market or other industry trends. It is up to the user to decide whether to agree to a deal or refuse.

Game Dev Tycoon is a really high-quality game of its genre that develops strategic and economic thinking. Try yourself as a developer of computer projects and conquer the market, earning as much money as possible. We guarantee that tycoons’ fans will be very happy with this game.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Game Dev Tycoon before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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