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Gangstar Vegas is an amazing action game from Gameloft, created especially for those who crave adventure. The developers took inspiration from the famous GTA and added a lot of new amazing content. The game is able to tighten from the first minutes. Who do you want to become? Gangster, professional MMA fighter or racer? There are great opportunities for this! This mobile project offers to accept the role of a gangster with all its difficulties and privileges. Complete freedom of action! Travel, do dark deeds and gain authority. Can you keep criminals and civilians at bay? By the way, while you’re not too keen on our review, we also want to recommend another game from this series – Gangstar New Orleans.

More than 50 million users have already installed Gangstar Vegas and left 6 million positive reviews. Read about all its benefits and join the game.

The main character is an ordinary man who dreams of a better life and therefore decides to travel to Las Vegas. However, as soon as he gets there, by coincidence, he collides with the mafia. They offer him a lucrative part-time job, and he, unaware of real deal, agrees. Setups and failures, successes and beautiful women, all this draws the hero into the tumultuous life of a huge city. This is how your difficult path in the underworld begins. In total, Gangstar Vegas has about 80 levels waiting for the gamer, mainly related to the dirty deeds of criminals. Each mission takes a different amount of time to complete, and comes with a valuable reward at the end. You have to participate in showdowns, deliver dangerous goods and contact dangerous individuals.

Gangstar Vegas has a variety of weapons. Here you can find regular pistols, rifles, machine guns and much more, and besides firearms, there are cold weapons. You can also use some items c as weapons during the mission. Moreover, it is best to get around by transport on such a large map. Use cars, motorcycles, boats and even helicopters!

In addition to the main story missions, Gangstar Vegas includes various secondary tasks that allow you to save up for the desired item much faster. You can participate in epic street races or something equally interesting. Don’t rush to go through the entire storyline at once and enjoy all the possibilities of this game. Increase your personal authority in mafia circles, earn local currency and develop your character. After the first launch, it is clear that many dangerous adventures lie ahead.

All game objects in Gangstar Vegas, without exception, are very pleasant to look at and sometimes you wonder how this could go on your device. The physics of the characters are also great – at last, they fall and run away believably.  We can’t say the same about the destructibility of cars, which is completely absent here. The creators tried to focus on the sound component for the best immersion with the game-world. All dialogues, actions, shots and explosions have high-quality voice acting. Even being in the car, you can hear several pleasant tracks and enjoy the roar of the engine and the whistle of tires.

We offer you to download a modified version of the Gangstar Vegas, which allows you to enjoy all its benefits thanks to access to several features at once. Firstly, you receive unlimited money that you can spend absolutely on any of your whims. In addition, you also get full VIP access that allows you to purchase those cars and weapons that you cannot buy for in-game currency. Another important advantage is the presence of a built-in cache that allows you not to bother with unpacking archives into the necessary folders, but to start installation process with one button.

Our team tested a mod for unlimited money and an unlocked VIP for Gangstar Vegas. Based on the results, we didn’t identify any problems that users could face. All the declared functions in game modification work flawlessly. Additionally, it is worth noting the presence of an anti-ban system, which allows you to use our solution without the possibility of blocking by the developers.

A few words about the gameplay. Despite all the unique features of Gangstar Vegas, after the first launch, we see a standard video about betrayal and revenge seen more than once in GTA games. After an unsuccessful boxing match, you have to take a criminal path and restore justice. Just earn money in the most dishonest ways. Robberies, murders, car thefts – all this awaits you in abundance. The control system here is classic and designed for the use of two hands. If desired, you can always connect a joystick for more comfortable control.

If you are a fan of gangster games, then it is worth downloading Gangstar Vegas to your android device. Delight yourself not only with excellent graphics, atmospheric soundtracks, but also by a truly fascinating plot, where you can feel like an action hero! Everything takes place in one of the most vibrant cities – Las Vegas. A huge selection of vehicles, clothing and weapons allows you to stand out from the crowd. Go through dozens of dangerous tasks of the underworld and prove to everyone your fearlessness and strength.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Gangstar Vegas before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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