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Gardenscapes is a mobile arcade game with match 3 puzzle elements from Playrix. The game takes the user to an old mansion, which the main character received along with many secrets. Find the underlying cause of the past of this house, while restoring the mansion. You have to start in the garden. Since the last owner left, it looks old, dirty and unkempt. Your task is to clear the garden, install new fittings, renovate greenhouses and fountains, sculptures and monuments. In order to accumulate resources for this, you need to solve different puzzles. Before we start, you can check out another Playrix game – Homescapes or try Scribble Rider.

Gardenscapes has long been a classic for Android devices. Below we are going to tell you about the main features of this project.

The principle of match-3 games is familiar to almost any gamer – you need to make three identical elements in one line to blow them up. The longer the combination, the higher the probability of bonuses appearance for the destruction of several rows of elements at once. You can go through any level of Gardenscapes even more efficiently due to special bonuses that give large combinations of stones. If you collect four stones, a firecracker appears, destroying everything around. Five stones give a bomb that blows everything within a radius of three cells. Six stones provide you with ​​dynamite. This is the most powerful weapon, as it removes stones within a radius of five cells.

If you don’t manage to destroy the necessary stones in the allotted number of moves or time, then you lose one live. You have five lives in total. It happens that you can’t complete the same level for a very long time. In this case, there are various bonuses, thanks to which you can go through the stage faster and easier: bombs, shovels and so on.

According to the plot, you become the owner of a huge mansion you need to restore after desolation. Everything needs a fresh breathe, but you can only get access to the new location after you pass the old one. Sometimes, to perform certain types of work, you need to call specialists or buy building materials. For example, to build a fountain. Such jobs take more of your time. Gardenscapes has a huge variety of decorative elements, trees, shrubs and other things. Gamers easily can realize design ideas with its help. Build your dream garden by gathering the resources you need and choose from three options.

In parallel with the usual gameplay, you can observe the plot, human relationships, learn the history of the mansion and meet many interesting characters. Your main assistant is Austin, but there are other characters including a cute little dog you can name, as you want.

Gardenscapes is a very beautiful project with amazing graphic merits. All locations in the game are bright and rich, the same we can say about the levels where you solve match-3 puzzles. Every detail, be it a part of the interior or an element of decor, is made with designer love. The game also stands out for its intuitive controls, convenient navigation system, concise and simple interface.

Gardenscapes is a free game, but the user often doesn’t have enough money and resources for pleasant gameplay. We bring to your attention a mod, thanks to which you can get an unlimited number of stars required to complete certain works in the garden. The stars will simply go to minus, and you can play as much as you want.

We tested Gardenscapes on our Android devices. According to the test results, we guarantee you the correct and safe operation of unlimited stars mid. You can immediately enjoy all its benefits after installing the game.

The plot begins with the fact that you bought a mansion where devastation and desolation reigns. Your main goal is to put everything in order and not to lose face in front of nosy neighbors. Almost every detail needs improvement here. In order to plant a high-quality lawn, it is necessary to remove the previous one, uproot stumps, grow garden and so on. Each action goes according to the given plot plan. Gardenscapes always give you a choice. Only you decide which flower or tree look best in a given area. Each solution allows you to create your own unique garden that no one else will have.

Gardening often dilutes with other tasks. Your neighbors and acquaintances often come to visit you. You can talk with them, sit and drink tea, and demonstrate the beauty of your garden. Interaction with society has a separate plan here. All social network inside Gardenscapes has good organization. It allows you to find out more facts about the life of each of the characters. There are about twenty colorful characters in the game. You will not only communicate with the heroes, but also carry out their orders and get rewards.

The authors didn’t forget about the latest innovation – mini-games. During them, we fall into Austin’s dreams to help him complete a certain task. These dreams can be quite scary – everything is in chaos, so you have to correct situation. Nevertheless, they are not too difficult to solve, it is only important to apply ingenuity.

Gardenscapes is another casual masterpiece from the famous Playrix studio. Due to the colorful graphics, addictive gameplay and interesting tasks, this game is suitable for both children and adults.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Gardenscapes before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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