Geometry Dash Lite Mod APK (Unlocked/Money) 2.21

Geometry Dash Lite is one of the most hardcore runners on the Play Market, which gives you the opportunity to test your nerves and willpower for strength. You have to go through the most difficult levels at great speed, and besides, completely without saving. Control a funny cube creature, dodge thousands of different obstacles and set a new world record! Controlling your character, you must get as far as possible, carefully noticing every obstacle, landscape change and other features. No one will be able to complete this game the first time, but if you have patience, you can set a new record! Enjoy variety several cubic creatures that open during the passage and more than forty colors in which you can paint the hero. We also recommend downloading Banana Kong and Wobble Man.

If you look at the statistics of Geometry Dash Lite, you can see that number of project downloads has long exceeded the value of one hundred million. The presence of more than six and a half million user reviews also speaks of the increased community interest.

Geometry Dash Lite offers you a whole scattering of levels, divided according to the difficulty of passing. Yes, RobTop Games chose to give players the opportunity to complete full levels, rather than endless running on boring tracks. Each level includes several stages that can change not only the appearance of locations, but also the way the protagonist moves. If initially the main character is a cube that can only jump, then sometimes you have to reorganize in a second to control a completely different character. Sometimes you need to control a submarine and a robot with magnetic boots, fight gravity by moving upside down and so on. Such gameplay features fit perfectly into the passage of the level.

Geometry Dash Lite tracks themselves are a mixture of lonely hanging platforms, energy clots, portals, stakes and floor springs. Believe us, only experienced gamers are able to go through such a mixture the first time. The player’s memory is very important here, since you need to remember the location of the traps. It is worth mentioning that the construction of levels does not change here, so you can easily memorize and try to pass the same set of traps.

The gameplay is only about getting as far as possible. Everything happens at a high speed. Moreover, it is constantly increasing. That is why it is difficult to bypass obstacles, of which there are quite a few: thorns, monsters, traps, fire and much more. Yes, this game is only for those with strong nerves. Not everyone can go through without saving, rolling back to the very beginning after a loss. Full version includes not only new levels, but also a constructor of your own maps, additional characters and complete list of possible achievements. Main difficulty of passing is in a huge number of traps. The developers did their best to make life difficult for the gamer.

You can pass the levels in two modes. If you decide to go through the stage in the classic mode, then any mistake may lead to the fact that you need to start all over again. A gentler mode here is Practice, where you can use control points in the course of movement. A worthy reward awaits you for completing levels in both modes.

Geometry Dash Lite has a huge number of skins for the main character. If you start your journey with the most ordinary cube, then you can control a formidable cube with an evil smile. Obtain skins for the stars collected at the level or for completing of stages. We should say right away that you would not be able to get skins for donation. The only donated option here is to buy the full version of the game.

Geometry Dash Lite features vibrant visuals and dance music in the background, which should point you to the beat. Yes, the music tracks here do not just play the role of a background, but adapt to the characteristics of each specific level, prompting the player about the need to perform certain actions. The local graphics and physics of the protagonist’s behavior deserve special attention.

We bring to your attention Geometry Dash Lite mod with all locations are unlocked for passing. In addition, you get access to any possibilities for customizing the main character of the application.

Geometry Dash Lite is a noticeably difficult runner, but nothing is impenetrable here. Developers created levels here in such a way that players could memorize every centimeter of the track. Yes, there is no random generation of obstacles and traps, so players with a good memory will be able to master these stages quickly enough. The main highlight of the project is that you have to deal with alternating movement mechanics.

Main role in Geometry Dash Lite belongs to a simple cube that automatically moves forward. The classic way of getting around here is constantly changing. At one point, you transfer to a rocket or submarine. Then, main character faces a change in gravity and everything that happens on the screen becomes upside down. These are just a few of the curious mechanics you will get to know. Here you need not only a good memory, but also a fast reaction speed.

As mentioned earlier, the cube in Geometry Dash Lite not always just rolls. At certain points, the mechanics of movement changes, forcing you to rebuild instantly. Do not think that such a change occurs unexpectedly. There is a special portal on the track, passing through which leads to changes. Try on magnetic boots and robotic suit along with submarine and rocket. Each means of transportation noticeably changes the principle of passing the route.

If you love challenging platformers, then download Geometry Dash Lite to put your nerves to the test. Such high dynamics of the gameplay take a lot of effort, so be prepared to fail. However, if you are an attentive person with a high reaction rate or if you want to develop these qualities in yourself, then you should start playing the game right now! Today, more than 100 million Play Market users have already installed the application on their devices. We invite you to join and prove to everyone that you are capable of a lot.

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