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God of War: Mobile Edition is a 2D slasher based on the legendary series of games about Kratos, challenging the ancient Greek gods. Your main task is to kill everything in your path with two sharp swords. For each enemy killed, the user receives a certain amount of points to spend on the purchase of weapons or additional skills. Excellent graphics, a lot of blood, a great atmosphere – all this can surely appeal to numerous fans of the genre. We recommend checking out other cool hack and slash games: D-MEN: The Defenders and Tekken 3.

Keep reading to find out the main features this game can offer.

During God of War: Mobile Edition, your hero becomes more and more powerful. You can help him in this by choosing the necessary and passive skills for him. Increase the amount of life and magical energy of the character. Learn a variety of skills, with which you can do even more damage. During the battle, you can place up to three additional special skills in a special slot to hit enemies.

As you progress through the story, you meet more and more enemies, distinguished by their diversity and color. Here you may find huge zombies armed with swords, ghosts soaring above the ground, and flying harpies. Thus, you need to apply different battle tactics for various enemies, because flying enemies are not so easy to get!

One of the main features of God of War: Mobile Edition are battles with giant bosses, each of which has its own characteristics. The bosses in this game really deserve special attention. They are all very well drawn and can really cause fear in the player. At the same time, the bosses have the style of ancient Greek myths, which further immerses the player in this authentic atmosphere.

God of War: Mobile Edition is not just a corridor slasher where the hero just walks in one direction. Some places in the locations require ingenuity and a good reaction from you. For example, a floor may appear in front of the hero, pierced by sharp stakes that appear and disappear. You can rely on your reaction and try to slip through the obstacle. You can cling to the hook hanging from above and jump over the obstacle. In another place, you need to walk along a thin log carefully so as not to fall into the abyss. There are many such moments in the game that don’t allow the player to relax for a minute.

Despite its two-dimensionality, the game has quite well executed graphics. Moreover, the style of Ancient Greece gives the game its own unique atmosphere. During the game, you can hear pleasant soundtracks. The sounds of weapons and the shouts of enemies will perfectly complement the overall game style.

God of War: Mobile Edition is free to play, although some in-game purchases are included. Money allows you to buy new weapons, learn skills and enjoy other benefits. We suggest you install a modified version of the game. Thanks to it you can have unlimited amount of money for all your wishes.

We tested above-mentioned mod on our devices. Based on the results, we confirm that game works correctly and safe along with unlimited money feature. All you need is to download and install proposed version. Immediately after first launch, you will receive unlimited money to your in-game account.

The gameplay is based on the fact that the hero must move from level to level, destroying monsters with the help of faithful swords and special techniques. An epic boss battle awaits you after completing several normal levels.

The controls in God of War: Mobile Edition are standard. With your left hand, you set the direction of character movement. With your right hand, you hit enemies, jump and use skills. The player has a certain amount of life and magic power. You can take with you some elixirs of life and mana to replenish their supply in time.

In addition, for killing each monster, you receive points. Subsequently, you can spend them on improving the characteristics of our hero. You can buy a new powerful weapon or learn some new features. Advance gradually and lead Kratos to total victory.

God of War: Mobile Edition is an interesting hack and slash game. If you are looking for an application with exciting and dynamic gameplay, as well as a cool style, then we strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with this project.

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