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Godus is a god simulator mobile game from 22cans. Project is a huge sandbox where you have the right to do almost everything, playing the role of deity for natives. Start the game with just a couple of followers. Raise an island for them and make the landscape suitable for life and agriculture. Eliminate all threats so that two of your tribe could create a whole settlement. Become a god for these people, good, bad, cruel or merciful – it is up to you. Look for new followers in order to consolidate your religion, get others to accept it, or simply gain more power. Godus differs from any other city planning simulator or economic strategy that gives player more freedom of action and choice. We also recommend The Trail and Vegas Crime Simulator 2.

Find out about main features of the project from our overview.

Godus gameplay reminds a bit like regular city-building simulator. Player need to spend a lot of time trying to build a suitable house for his tribe. Moreover, it is necessary to work directly with landscape. Unique visual style allows you to change any location by layers. Each island in this world is analogue of pie with several certain levels. Removing the top one gives you access to next one and so on. Landscape here plays the role of main brush for users. Just raise earth from the day of ocean and make mountain ranges passable and hills – gentle.

Resources are the main thing in Godus needed for full life cycle and development of settlements. Moreover, game features them as cards, among which you can find clay, ocher, felt, candles, meat, brushwood, furs, coal, gold, limestone, copper, granite and several dozen other types of resources. Each resource is specific to current century. Upon reaching a certain level of development, you also can have farmers and miners in the settlement. Farmers specialize in cultivating fields, while miners can help you in extraction of minerals necessary for construction and other things.

Watch your opportunities grow in Godus. If in the beginning you can only move small stones and earth, then when the number of your followers exceeds hundreds, you start to perform the most real miracles. At the same time, you should remember that people do not always need treats with good intentions. Most often, it is enough to demonstrate your strength and cruelty so that they become submissive. It is up to you to decide what kind of god to become. Unleash your anger on unwanted followers. After all, no one imposes the role of good deity on players. You can easily become an evil overlord by ruling and controlling your colonies with an iron fist.

Sometimes, your settlement has to defend from neighbors who profess a completely different faith and consider you their sworn enemies. In order to protect your people and territories in Godus, you have to use force. The main task of any player is to become the only and most powerful god for his subjects. You need to raise the level of faith to maximum and then create any miracle in front of your followers.

Godus features realistic three-dimensional graphics, thanks to which you can immerse in gameplay with maximum comfort. Despite the lack of high detail, game world looks interesting and lively. By the way, all sounds in the game only emphasize completely divine atmosphere of this strategy.

Extraction of necessary resources for development occurs in Godus rather slowly. Moreover, you need to spend many funds to progress further.  Nevertheless, we can provide you with mod for free shopping. Use its features to buy the required amount of resources you need without any effort.

We have tested Godus and its mod for free shopping. We assure you that it works without complaints and gives player all the necessary tools for upgrades. At the same time, developers update their project often, so our solution may not work correctly on some devices. If you suddenly have problems with the use of this modified version, just don’t forget to check our updates. We always try to publish the most current and working versions of games and apps.

It all starts with telling you your capabilities. You have to understand the fact that you constantly need to change the landscape surrounding your followers. The point is that you can level surface, make it less flat, build bridges and make depressions for lakes. Such divine intervention is simply necessary, since virgin island landscape is not suitable for organizing a large and prosperous settlement. Such manipulations in Godus require from you a resource, called faith. There is a gameplay convention here, which implies extraction of faith from followers.

After organizing the site, you need to start equipping your settlement. We should note right away that progress has a form of stickers (cards), which you can find in places hidden on the map. Initially, only huts of three sticks and animal skins are available to you, but after finding the required sticker, they may turn into beautiful clay houses. Godus divides your followers into three groups:

Roles and responsibilities of each group are very diverse. Producers, for example, may not work at all, but simply sit at home and improve demographics of your village. Settlers can begin to help builders in erection of some kind of architectural wonder.

Developers of Godus managed to create a unique project that has practically no analogues in its kind. Not only addictive gameplay, but also an incredible plot awaits you. Help a small group of people to develop and watch as several people grow into a huge civilization.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Godus before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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