Grabby Grab Mod APK (Money/No Ads) 1.0.4

Grabby Grab is an interesting Android arcade platformer game with a very unusual main character. The game features first person view. You cannot see your hero, as only 1 limb acts with ability to stick/magnetize/cling to special points. The starting character is a purple hand sticking to various surfaces. It allows you to capture objects, objects, characters, use them as a throwing weapon. Appearance of the protagonist is varied.  Instead of a sticky purple hand, you can take a mace on cable, a magnet on long flexible rope, a hook and other options. Grab various objects, aim and throw them at your opponents. Defeat all enemies, find non-standard solutions and feel like a real superhero! Also, check out Annelids: Online Battle and Z Escape.

Grabby Grab has collected more than 5 million downloads in three months, while its overall score is 4 points.

How do local tracks meet players? There are static and mobile opponents placed on the path of platforms of various lengths. These can be stickmen of different colors, toy unicorns and level bosses, which differ from simple mobs in size. Already at the sixth level, you will face boss armed with a bazooka, but later ordinary NPCs will use this weapon in locations. It is necessary to catch and throw back the projectile flying at the main character. In addition, occasionally there are large green stickmen and huge red enemies that are difficult to grab. You can get rid of them by throwing various objects. Usually, It is easier to simply bypass them. You can also take away the shield from the enemy, use it to throw or eliminate the enemy.

Grabby Grab moves around the locations, clutching at special color rings mounted in multi-colored blocks of different shapes and sizes. If at first these holds are single, other types appear later. For example, the rings are mounted three vertically in a row. Hooks are located on the track surface, hanging in the air separately above small round platforms that have only a decorative purpose. Please note that you are not given difficult, impossible tasks. The main goal is to eliminate all enemies participating in confrontation using special devices. Try to do everything quickly and efficiently, because enemies will eliminate you first in case of delay.

Grabby Grab can delight players with a variety of weapons. Throw a stone at the enemy or bring down a blow of a mace on his head. Try to hook your opponent. Play with any number of weapons in your arsenal. As a weapon, the main character uses bombs of different power (simple black, powerful gold), boxes, stones lying in heaps and even enemies. Common threat stickmen are colored red. After the sticky hand grabs the little man, his color changes to dark gray. Already at the fourth level, the finish boss becomes stronger and a bar of life appears above him.

Developers spent a lot of time on formation of locations, so many were delighted with the design, because it has a lot of amazing moments. The design turned out to be a little pretentious, bright, so it cheers up even from the first seconds. There is practically no sound in the game, but it is not particularly important.

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In total, the Grabby Grab contains several dozen levels, where you need to defeat a squad of enemy fighters, which intends to attack you at any moment. Use the objects around you to stop them. For example, grab a huge concrete cube or bomb and launch it directly at the enemy. Try to aim at the center of the crowd in order to destroy several opponents at once.

The difficulty of passing is gradually increasing, because there will be much more enemies and various bosses, which are not so easy to defeat. Collecting points for completing levels increases your characteristics and unlock new images. Low poly graphics along with realistic physics make the game process only more interesting and a little more comical.

You do not have the ability to move the character independently, because the creators did not provide for such a way of interaction. He only moves if he succeeds in killing all opponents on the way. Usually at this point, the question often arises of how to kill them without moving. Such an approach requires the use of a flexible sticky handle, which has tremendous potential as an unusual weapon. You will constantly grab a variety of objects, opponents and much more. If you manage to grab the enemies in your hand, then after that you should launch them on a long flight.

Grabby Grab is a cute game that differs from its competitors in additional features. You need to complete many exciting levels, armed only with a sticky flexible hand. Just reach for all the necessary items, trying to destroy opponents on the battlefield.

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