Granny: Chapter Two Mod APK (Stupid Enemies) 1.1.9

Granny: Chapter Two is the sequel to the acclaimed horror game released for Android. The essence of the game is to get out of the granny house. Moreover, the player doesn’t understand how he fell into the trap. Compared to the first part, the second one has even more complex plot, abundance of puzzles and traps. In addition, the terrible grandmother acquired an assistant. Meet an equally maniac-like grandfather who, unlike grandma, doesn’t hear at all, but sees perfectly and attacks harder. The player has only five days to overcome all obstacles! We have also prepared for you an excellent horror One Night at Flumpty’s and an exciting visual novel Underworld Office.

Granny: Chapter Two was released in 2019 by Dennis Vukanovic and DVloper. To date, the game has more than 50 million downloads and its rating is 4.3. The developers recommend playing only if you reached the age of 16.

This is what the creators of Granny: Chapter Two are calling for. Be quiet and inconspicuous to survive and try to escape. From the first moments of the game, one of the main tasks of the gamer is to be as quiet as possible. Any dropped object leads to appearance of crazy granny who can’t miss the opportunity to punish the offender. Not everything is so simple with the grandfather. Although he is deaf according to the creators’ idea, he sees perfectly. Therefore, the player must be invisible so as not to run into a powerful punishment from his maniac grandfather. At the same time, both the grandfather and the grandmother move much faster than the player does. You have to move not only your brains, but also your limbs!

The player has only five in-game days to get out of the sinister mansion and save his life. Moreover, in Granny: Chapter Two, one day is equal to one player’s life. If the gamer failed in hide and seek and was attacked by a couple of monsters, then the next episode begins with the loss of one game day. We glad that the game day doesn’t correspond to the real one, so there is a plenty of time to get out.

Granny: Chapter Two is replete with traps, but also includes puzzles and tasks. Having solved the quest, player receives the necessary items, such as keys, cards and other vital little things that help to survive and escape. If the player falls into a trap, then you can try to hide from the approaching murderers. For this purpose, the developers provided the playing space with an abundance of wardrobes, beds and sofas. There the player can leap to wait out the attack quickly and quietly.

Granny: Chapter Two release has 16+ qualification, which implies the presence of violence, blood and cruelty. All these details have good graphics, which creates a rather gloomy mood and makes the game quite appropriate for its genre. The developers not only well drawn, but also well thought out the locations – the stylization looks very decent. In general, the graphics are very peculiar, as it helps to keep the player in constant tension.

Musical and sound design is consistent with the overall design of the game. The sounds are quite realistic and can be seriously intimidating. By the way, the developers recommend playing Granny: Chapter Two with headphones.

An evil grandma, together with her grandfather, are capable of inflicting very tangible damage to a player who already has few chances of survival. For every rustle that the player makes, the grandmother reacts with violence. In addition, the grandfather hits everything at hand, as soon as he sees the movement. The atmosphere of Granny: Chapter Two!coupled with a gloomy design can significantly spoil the nerves of players. To minimize damage to the player’s health, we recommend you to install the game with a mod for dumb enemies. This option significantly increases the chances to get out the house within a specified period.

After installing and launching Granny: Chapter Two, touch an icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Click on it, and turn on a special mod menu, where you can select the parameter you need. For example, you can activate dumb granny mode, and she won’t attack you even if she hears. The same applies to the grandfather – you can easily walk past him, even if he sees you. You can always turn on and off these options. Don’t worry, our installation file is completely safe for your Android device.

The creators of Granny: Chapter Two took care of a simple and straightforward gameplay and many modes that the player can customize. Therefore, you can choose one of three modes: playing in total darkness, finding keys to open locks and option to choose the attackers squad – granny, grandfather, or both at once. In addition, the game has five levels of difficulty. Levels starts from easy walking and training to extreme, where the player’s adrenaline goes off scale.

Granny: Chapter Two lets you get rid of stress and everyday problems, as it’s scary and terribly interesting. The game provides unbelievable sensations for those who like to tickle their nerves!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Granny: Chapter Two before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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