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Happy Wheels is an indie game where your main goal is to complete a level in your vehicle, passing many obstacles, sometimes non-standard and atypical. The gameplay may remind you the cult Gravity Defied. However, this game, unlike its progenitor, has a dynamic environment. Thought out and well-developed physics is an important plus. Graphics give the feeling that happening on the screen is quite real. During the walkthrough, your hero may lose his head, arm or leg. Nevertheless, don’t worry: even without a hand, you can reach the finish line if you do everything right. We also recommend Slingshot Stunt Driver and Bowmasters.

Take care of your nerves. You need them when playing Happy Wheels. Find out main features of the game.

Several dozen difficult missions await you during the walkthrough of Happy Wheels. Nevertheless, the difficulties begin from the very start. Your hero enters the track on a bike, and you need to get to the finish line. Just go through steep descents and dangerous ascents, spikes, platforms, containers with water, mines, acid and much more. Control your hero, speed up and slowdown in time, balance so as not to lose your head during the adventure and reach the finish line without a single scratch. However, with your arm torn off, you still have a chance to pass the level. In this case, character control becomes much more difficult. If you lose your head, then nothing can help you.

Happy Wheels has five main characters, each driving a different vehicle. This is a person on a bike, in a wheelchair, on a scooter, Segway and pogo stick. Each of them has a certain number of levels. Moreover, every vehicle needs own strategy for passing. For example, a Segway can develop a higher speed, and on the pogo stick, you can jump higher, but the hero is less stable. In addition, the developers continue to improve their project. Fans expect new characters and levels soon.

Physics is perhaps the main advantage of the game, without which it would lose all meaning. You always need to correctly calculate your actions and clearly understand where you need to add speed and where to stop. Thanks to the dynamic scenery and environment, you always need to be on the lookout, because at any moment, a hail of thorns can fall on you or you can stumble upon a mine and explode. Be careful and remember that the laws of physics can work against you.

All elements in Happy Wheels have good graphics and minimalist interface that doesn’t include unnecessary details. Nothing can distract you from your main goal – to survive. There is also sound in the game, all your interactions with objects are voiced, and if your head is off on spikes, then you can hear a characteristic sound.

In the regular version of the game, only one character is initially available to you – the hero on the bike. Complete all levels with this character to unlock the rest. However, we offer you a modification where all missions and characters are immediately open. Thus, you can choose with who you start your adventure, and you can immediately compare the gameplay, passing the levels with different characters. Moreover, advertising is completely absent in this mod.

We confirm that Happy Wheels mod works correctly. After installing the game, you have all the unlocked levels at your disposal. There are also no annoying ads. It is absolutely safe for your device and doesn’t affect the performance of the game in any way.

You control the character movement with two hands. Your hero can go forward, backward, tilt vehicle to the left or right and jump. It is also possible to commit suicide.

As you progress through the levels in Happy Wheels, you encounter a wide variety of obstacles. Thorns, objects falling from above, descending platforms, even crossbows that automatically shoot when a person approaches them – all this can at least cripple and complicate the walkthrough. If a character falls from a height, most often he breaks his legs, and therefore is no longer able to jump high. However, he still can survive to the finish line, although he may lose most of his limbs along the way. The exception is head loss.

Sometimes the hero’s vehicle falls apart for one reason or another. Then you can try to bring the character to the end without the help of a Segway or a bicycle. In this case, you cannot control individual limbs, but you need to press the buttons responsible for changing the hero’s pose. If necessary, it is possible to hook your hands on the surface – only then the character can jump and move long distances. Nevertheless, it’s much easier to start over.

Happy Wheels is a great option for those users who love being challenged by the game. If you have strong nerves and difficult games related to overcoming obstacles, then we can recommend you this project for Android.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Happy Wheels before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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