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Hay Day is one of the best and most popular farm simulation games. Here you have the opportunity to feel like an entrepreneur, sowing your fields, expanding territories, trading with your neighbors and creating the perfect farm – the one you have dreamed. The plot of events is standard: you miraculously inherited a beautiful piece of land with minimal buildings. Now you have to develop and enrich the farm and extract the maximum amount of benefits from it.

Hay Day has over 100 million downloads on Google Play and a multi-million dollar fan base. Let’s figure out together why the players like this game so much.

Hay Day allows you to build a large number of different buildings and some of them will be available immediately at the start, while others will open by raising the level. The first buildings include house for our chickens to live, bakery for baking bread, grinder and so on. The developers give you different buildings so that you can gradually get used to so much constant work. As you level up, you open even more buildings with different abilities and animals, so the incentive to develop constantly is present. During some time, buildings become to take up too much space on the farm territory so you will have to cut down trees in order to put the next element of the farm.

The animals in Hay Day are very cute. How are they useful and how to deal with them? There are chickens here that bring you eggs, pigs that give bacon, cows give you milk, cheese, cream, while many others open gradually at different levels. You can get dogs, rabbits, cats, donkeys, horses. By feeding them, you get points. If they fall asleep, you can wake them up and get bonuses for this as well. You need to feed regular, not domesticated, but working animals using a grinder. Then you just click on the animals you want to feed and give them food.

This is exactly the innovation that makes Hay Day interesting – a truck constantly comes to you and gives orders, for the fulfillment of which you receive experience and money. This makes it possible to not only work and get food, but also to strive for something, complete missions and receive money for it with experience. Quests are gradually becoming more difficult, because of this it is more interesting to play. The main bonus of these tasks is that you won’t get tired of playing in a week, because there will always be some changes, as the motivation to play also develops. Similar products quickly become boring with their monotony.

Hay Day has such an element as a network of friends where you can chat, come to farms, look products for sale and so on. There is nothing unique in the network of friends, but it diversifies the game a little. When there is nothing to do on your farm, you can go to friends, do something interesting on their possessions, and buy missing resources.

Hay Day interface and graphics deserve special attention. The game has a funny cartoon style. High quality drawing of details and a drop of humor make the game process not only entertaining, but also enjoyable. Where else have you seen chickens in fur earmuffs and cows with scarves? That’s right, you don’t see that often.

Sound design also has high level. Chicken clucking, pig grunting, cow mooing and many other sound effects create a stunning rural atmosphere. Such a life simulator can please any lover of the genre.

Hay day is a free game and you can download it from Google Play or any other official marketplace. However, as in any farm simulator, the difficulty level increases as you progress through the game. With each new level, it becomes more difficult for you to extract resources and upgrade your farm, so you will both simply collect all the rewards every day and dutifully save them up for the next upgrade or buy in-game currency for real money.

Fortunately, there is a third option – installing a modified version of Hay Day, which allows you to enjoy the gameplay without running out of game currency. This course of events can allow you to reach new heights and expand your farm in spite of any adversity. However, knowledgeable gamers may immediately wonder if the mod works for a game that requires a constant Internet connection.

We tested the mod for unlimited resources and concluded that it doesn’t work regardless of qualifications. Now on the Internet, you can find several solutions, but they all don’t work. The reason is the following – the latest version that allowed the modification to run is 1_39_93, while the latest version on Google Play is 1_47_97. Therefore, when launching the game, it asks for update to the latest version. Usual version will change the modified one so you won’t receive any unlimited resources.

That is why we offer two Hay Day options for download. One with expired version and second with the latest version of original game. We keep track of game updates every day, so when we find a stable version, we will definitely add it to this page. Please, follow our updates.

Hay Day is very interesting for its game mechanics, because you don’t just grow something and sell it in order to buy and plant more seeds. Here you not only grow vegetables, but also feed animals, build buildings, communicate with your friends and complete missions. In addition, the plus to the product is that donation does not greatly affect the walkthrough and all users are almost equal. So try, develop your farm, make money and have fun. Moreover, you can download My Cafe if you like restaraunt simulators that often are similar to farming games. 

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Hay Day before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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