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Hellrider 3 is the continuation of a series of cool racing runners from Anji Games. Become a fearless biker and take part in various races. Enjoy unusual mechanics and go through the fascinating storyline. Try to hold out as long as possible by dodging a variety of obstacles, ranging from traffic to meteor showers and shoot at opponents to escape their bombs. Use your weapon and kill your enemies to seize useful bonuses. Accelerate to maximum speed and try not to crash. Customize your rider with a variety of costumes, bikes and weapons that you earn money with in races. Are you ready for an adventure?

Hellrider is a world famous series with millions of downloads on Google Play. However, if you missed the point, we’ll tell you more.

Hellrider 3 makes the gamer keep a close eye on the road, because there are obstacles that strive to knock you off the bike. Try to dodge all the stone blocks, oncoming traffic and enemy attacks shooting at you from guns and grenade launchers. Show your reaction wonders to get to the finish line without a single damage. Don’t forget to collect bonuses during the race, getting weapons and coins for them.

The developers of Hellrider 3 did their best to create a varied environment on the racetracks. You can see stands with jubilant fans, endless deserts, picturesque forests and cozy farms around the edges. In short, the scenery changes as rapidly as what is happening on the road. Explore smooth and enjoyable gameplay as you ride a variety of twisty and not-so-great roads to complete your mission.

Hellrider 3 has several heroes available for gameplay to make it more interesting for you. Initially, you have only a couple of characters at your disposal, but you can unlock new characters for coins and take them under your control. In addition, the game has different types of weapons, which are necessary to kill other bikers and take away bonuses. Start with a regular pistol, make money and buy a shotgun or stinger, becoming the most intimidating person on the road.

Hellrider 3 boasts of 20 motorcycles, each with its own unique characteristics. In general, bikes have three metrics: speed, acceleration and handling. The more expensive a motorcycle is, the better it holds the road and travels faster. Follow the storyline and discover the entire collection of bikes to decide personally which one suits your style best.

What is unusual for this kind of games is the coherent plot. However, Hellrider 3 also has it and is very addicting. Start from the very first level, guided by prompts, and go to the very end, completing increasingly difficult tasks. Try to survive in the high-speed oncoming traffic or arm yourself with a pistol and send a couple of bullets into the back of your enemies, whose bikes still need to catch up. There is no time to be bored, as the game always throws more challenges.

Hellrider 3 has nice to the eye graphics. All twenty bikes have its own unique look, as do all weapons and characters. The draw range in the game is good. This is very important, since the whole gameplay depends on it, as hero needs time to dodge. During the game, you can hear pleasant soundtracks and sound effects, which can immerse the player in the world of dangerous races and epic shootouts.

Hellrider 3 is free to play, but comes with a range of in-app purchases. You need to pay in-game currency to buy something new. With the unlimited money mod that we offer, you won’t longer have problems with funds. Just buy everything! In addition, our solution removes all annoying ads, so there are no pop-up banners and notifications.

We have tested Hellrider 3 for our valued users. The mod works great and it is also completely safe for you. Just download the modified version of the game and enjoy unlimited money and great ad-free experience.

Hellrider 3 has several game modes with different goals. In addition to the full story, there are also daily events, by participating in which you can receive unique rewards. Try a very interesting race mode where you need to get ahead of all rivals, knocking them down with missiles and bullets.

The gameplay mechanics are very similar to runners with a third-person view, but unlike most genre representatives, here you need to complete levels. Now we need to not only get to the finish line, but also free prisoners or get rid of the enemy and take possession of his equipment. Apart from the runner, this game resembles an arcade highway racing.

In Hellrider 3 you need to dodge oncoming cars, but besides them, there are motorcycles with villains behind the wheel, traffic cones, power lines and fences on the track. The most serious of the obstacles are the bikers who prevent us from reaching the finish line or carrying prisoners in the cage. It is dangerous to get close to them, but you should not lose sight of them. Our task is to take possession of the weapon and shoot the one who is driving the motorcycle.

You need to pick up the appropriate booster on the track to do this. Then an arrow appears next to the motorcycle, swinging and pointing in different directions, like a metronome. Touch the screen when the arrow points exactly on enemy to shoot him. Otherwise, the projectile can go away and disappear behind the horizon. By the way, you also can die from bullets or bombs. Usually, a target icon appears on the road shortly before this moment. There is about a second to dodge the attack.

Hellrider 3 evokes only positive emotions. This game is great for killing some time while waiting, and just having fun. If you love games like Subway Surfers, then you will definitely like this project too.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third part sources for a first time, the following guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Hellrider 3 before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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