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Hero Rescue is a puzzle game in which you have to complete levels solving various tasks. You constantly have to think logically, thinking which of the beams to remove in order to achieve the desired result. A large number of interesting game characters is able to diversify the gameplay to add positive emotions to the game’s treasury. Can you save the charming princess and get your hands on the precious treasure? Can you complete all the levels and prove to yourself that you are smarter than most? If you’re a fan of thought-provoking games, here’s the fun Poly Bridge 2 and original Samorost 2.

Hero Rescue has more than ten million downloads and almost three hundred thousand of them have left positive reviews about the game, enjoying the gameplay.

Have you seen an ad many times in which the knight moves the beams to get to the treasure bypassing the monsters, but following the link, you ended up in a completely different and boring game? It has happened! Finally, you can get exactly what you were longing for, as an exciting and logical Hero Rescue awaits you. Guess how to make the treasure fall through all the halls of the castle right at your feet so that you can become rich. Use your wits to save the princess from the horrible casemates and become a real hero. Watch out for monsters and dangers – not everything you see is worth discovering. Get access to a huge number of unique tasks and enjoy interesting game moments.

The authors worked very hard on the visual content of Hero Rescue – this is noticeable from the first immersion in the game world. The unique atmosphere doesn’t allow you to just leave the creation of the developers, inviting you to come back and play again. Enjoy backgrounds beautifully drawn in a minimalist style, well-designed castles, which differ radically from each other, but kept in the general style. Animations that catch the eye and give out the work of the master, as well as characters that surprise with their detailed elaboration and the authors’ love for their creation. All this awaits you in Hero Rescue.

Which could flow faster when you remove the obstruction, cold water or hot lava? Where will the stone roll if you launch it from the very top? How to get rid of all the enemies using only what the developers added for you in the level? Using cold calculation and logic in Hero Rescue, you can defeat any opponent and take all the rewards you can. In addition, having achieved success, you discover true love for yourself when you save the princess from the clutches of terrible monsters. Thanks to your intelligence, you can become a rich hero with a beautiful woman accompanying you in life.

Hero Rescue is minimalistic, but very well detailed. The developers did their best to produce a gorgeous picture that delights the eye. The change of backgrounds is perfectly timed in the game. The new locations are different from the old ones and seem like not made on a conveyor belt, but manually. All objects with which doesn’t not raise any questions. The sound also has the highest level – a funny melody doesn’t let you get tired of the game, concentrating all your attention to the gameplay.

You may have to play and accumulate treasures for a long time to unlock all in-game content, which, unfortunately, is not for everyone. In addition, the game doesn’t have an unlimited number of attempts to complete the level. If you fail to pass the test, your lose one live. When you have spent all your lives, you won’t be able to continue playing. You often have the desire to play more without investing money in continuing progress. Moreover, there is also advertising in the game, which often annoys all players without exception. We can save you from all these problems by providing a mod that gives money, lives, and removes all ads in Hero Rescue.

We played Hero Rescue and tested a modified version of it as well. We can assure you that everything works great and is completely true. Just click on the appropriate buttons in the game’s menu to activate free purchases, lives and remove ads. For example, you will see the button Activate no ads – press it and the ads won’t bother you anymore. You need to do the same for the rest of the bonuses.

The gameplay consists of solving logic puzzles, in which both other characters participate with objects and substances such as water, lava or stones. By removing the beams holding enemies and objects, you trigger some actions. If you started the chain of actions correctly, you can punish the goblins who captured the princess and take the treasure. In addition, you remain unharmed.

Hero Rescue is an interesting puzzle game that many wanted to see, following annoying ads. Logic tasks, beautiful visual style and simple gameplay are a great choice.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Hero Rescue before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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