Heroes Inc! Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.3

Heroes Inc! is an arcade game created by the renowned team at Lion Studios. Here you need to create superheroes with different abilities and save the planet from invading robots. An extraterrestrial civilization decided to take over the planet, so many dangerous robots appeared on the surface of Earth. Fortunately, a team of epic heroes is ready to defend us. Your task is to combine various objects and create characters with unique skills. Conduct experiments in laboratory, combine various materials and get interesting heroes with superpowers. Send characters to fight metal enemies. All kinds of heroes are waiting for you to unlock their skills. Try to use most of them!

Lion Studios is famous for its unique and exciting projects. Previously, you could already familiarize yourself with Cats & Dogs 3D and Space Inc. The new project does not lag behind its predecessors, because more than 5 million Play Market users have already tried it. Join you too!

Heroes Inc! comes down to the fact that players can creates unique superheroes, using the received items. For example, you have a standard character at the very beginning who have the ability to throw ice floes at enemies. In order to do this, you need to use an ice cube as well as muscle strength. Another hero looks like an angel. He flies over the ground and throws metal bars at the robots. Another character turns into a stone man and simply turns all enemies into huge blocks of stones. In general, there are a great many variations of heroes, and not every player can have time to open all of them.

Developers of Heroes Inc! paid special attention to the enemies that you must defeat in order to complete the levels. It is worth mentioning right away about the combat system in the app. You need to go through several sectors at each location with enemies waiting for you. Ultimate goal is the finish section. The enemies themselves have a variety of bizarre shapes. These can be both huge robots in the form of iron barrels and small ones that resemble flying drones. By the way, many characters can turn enemies into other objects. For example, stone, ice, or simply burn them to the ground.

In addition to the actual battles, Heroes Inc! provides a system for upgrading your base, where the main building is laboratory. Improving the laboratory allows you to combine more items at the same time and get even more powerful units. In order to upgrade the base, you need coins, which you can receive during the walkthrough of locations. In addition, players can choose one of three chests after almost every level, which contain either a new hero or a certain amount of coins. Unlock new state-of-the-art technologies and invent new abilities to use in the war against evil. You are the last hope of humanity for a positive outcome.

Heroes Inc! has fairly standard graphics for this kind of top-down applications. In addition, there is no sound at all, which resulted in a negative sense by some users. It is worth noting a wide variety of heroes, which differ not only in abilities, but also in appearance. Some of them can fly, others develop tremendous speed, and still others have deadly damage.

As noted earlier, you need coins to upgrade your base. Many coins. Of course, you can get them for completing the levels, but a much faster option is to download the mod for an unlimited money. This is what we offer you to download. By using it, you can forget about pumping the laboratory and other buildings. Now you can do it all this after the first entry into the game.

Our team has checked the functionality of Heroes Inc! mod and can confirm that money feature functions perfectly. The funds appear on your account after the first entry into the game. Therefore, each player can enjoy the unlocked gameplay. You just need to download and install the game on the device. The mod will not cause any problems. Installation file is completely safe, so you can use it without fear for your device.

A natural phenomenon is that almost all time killers become popular and reach the top of Play Market charts in short time. If we are also talking about the eminent developer like Lion Studios, then this rule works in almost a hundred percent of cases. Heroes Inc! appeared on the open spaces of Google Play Store not so long ago, but we can already talk about a resounding success.

Note that the game has a vibration alert by default. It turns on the moment your character attacks enemies. You cannot disable it, which annoys some users. In addition, some complain about a large number of ads, but it is possible to solve this problem by turning off the Internet.

Create unique heroes by combining various items. Try new abilities and decide for yourself, which one is suitable for a particular level. It is always very interesting to get something new and make attacks in different ways. Many of the heroes are references to famous superhero film series, so you will surely see familiar characters here and can play as them.

Heroes Inc! is a great arcade and time killer that can captivate any player. Since the project has an age limit of 7+, the game is available for almost any student.

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