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Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure is a game in which the user have to look for objects in beautiful and rich locations. The gameplay contains elements of a puzzle, as well as a visual novel, where you play the role of a detective in a mysterious city where reality and fantasy merged into a single whole. Your main task is to show your attentiveness and go through numerous levels, finding items in filled rooms. If you have any problems, then you can always use the tips. Immerse yourself in an epic fictional world with many characters. Relive dozens of interesting stories with the main game characters. Become a direct participant in the events and at the same time, lead the story where you want. If you like this genre check out Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells on our website.

Read on to find out about the main benefits of Hidden City.

For those of you who love colorful and interesting locations, the project developers have prepared more than sixty exciting worlds where everyone can find something to do. Perfectly executed locations await you on every level.

Logic quest game completely captures the user’s attention. There are no easy levels to go through with closed eyes. There will be many tasks to complete in any order and sequence. Start simple, find few items, progress through the game, and face increasingly difficult missions that require maximum concentration from the player.

The narrative in Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure consists of a dozen other stories told by a specific character. You are in a mysterious city, from which the hero seeks to get out, along the way finding fragments of his own past. You have to uncover the city history step by step. Not all of citizens are human, some characters can help you, others will oppose. The game has many dialogues with different characters – good and evil. Some of them will try to hinder you, while others can help. You have to work with detectives, residents and mediums. Each has their own type of mission. You won’t be able to get to game final quickly. The project is very large-scale and detailed.

The main character is the head of a detective agency and collects information. Suddenly, his friend disappears into a certain ghost town. There is no time to seek outside help, so the brave detective takes matters into his own hands. What this city hides: magic or tricks, science or ancient evil? The detective have to find answers to a large number of questions and solve the most difficult riddles in order to save a friend and get out of this ill-fated place alive. During the detective investigation, the player can find various mysterious objects that help activate bonuses. Explore the closed parts of the dungeon. There are no useless or insignificant tasks in Hidden City. Each mission carries a certain meaning and special significance for the further development plot. There is no mission here that you can left incomplete or some question unanswered.

You not only have to find objects in Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure, but also play mini-games. For example, try collecting pictures or solving match 3 puzzles. In addition, at certain points in the game, the user have to go into dangerous dungeons, such as the “Chapel Basement”, “Sewerage”, “Tomb of the Knights” and others. Several surprises await you there.

Hidden City development was on the shoulders of professional artists, so the graphics here has a very high level. All lines and proportions are even, and the color scheme goes well with the general atmosphere. Sound accompaniment became an important component for creating the right mood. The music and effects in the game are pleasant, clearly convey the atmosphere and go well with the backgrounds.

Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure is a free-to-play game with no ads, but with in-app purchases. You may need hints to complete levels and find items. For example, you can stop the time to search for all objects or use a magnifying glass that can highlight what you need to find. In addition, for money you can buy useful artifacts that can provide you with significant assistance in passing. That’s why we suggest you download a modified version of the game and get access to unlimited coins and diamonds. This way, you can buy yourself whatever you want.

We tested Hidden City on our devices to check the mod. Based on the results, we guarantee you the correct and safe work of the mod for unlimited money. Immediately after installing the game, you receive an unlimited amount of resources on your account.

The user will spend most of his time looking for items in locations. In order to get another hint or a fragment of the character’s history, you need to go through the puzzle level. At this stage, the player will be required to find several items hidden in the mass of things on the screen. Some levels have limits in time, while on others you are not limited in time.

In order to select a specific item, just touch it to complete the level. As for the rest of the gameplay, it takes place in communicating with characters, solving quests, finding heroes and exploring the city locations. You always have the opportunity to go to your inventory, read the protagonist’s notes about a particular event or use the item you found earlier. From the very beginning, no one restricts the user in movement. You can go to almost anywhere, so it is so difficult to untangle the main story of the puzzle. After a few hours of gameplay, we can say that the game leaves an extremely positive impression.

Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure provides you with a wide variety of classic casual puzzles to guide you through an interesting and engaging storyline. Excellent product quality, beautiful graphics, regular updates and rich gameplay will keep you coming back to the game repeatedly.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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