Hide ’N Seek Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.5.8

Hide ‘N Seek is an interesting arcade game that is ready to immerse you in exciting game of hide and seek, where your opponent is perfectly trained artificial intelligence. Surely, you have at least once played hide and seek or tag, where one hunter must find other participants or catch up with them. In turn, the rest hides in various places or tries to be on the move and hide from field of catcher view all the time. Now you can take part in such games only online. Developers of Supersonic Studios LTD have completely transferred the gameplay to Android platform. In addition, players can find here funny three-dimensional graphics with a lot of effects and possibilities. For other interesting arcade games, check out Zombie Defense: Idle Game and Smash Hit.

Find out about the main features of this project by reading our in-depth overview.

Hide ‘N Seek’s gameplay offers nothing more than thrilling above-mentioned games. Overall gameplay bases on completing of a huge number of levels, each of which invites you to play for one of the sides. Yes, you can complete the campaign both as a hiding player and as a seeker. In order to complete the stage, you need to achieve your goal. If you hide, then you need to stay out of seeker sight for a certain time. If you are looking for other party members, then you have to find most of game participants in the same limited amount of time. Please note right away that there is no multiplayer, although developers tried to come up with original nicknames for bots.

As you progress through the stages of Hide ‘N Seek, you come across entertaining mechanics that make the gameplay somewhat easier. However, everything is far from simple! You have to strain your abilities seriously. All hiding participants leave behind clouds of dust to make them easier to find. There are also various puddles on location, entering into which main character can leave distinct traces behind. In case of revealing your teammates, they go in cage. You have the opportunity to save a friend from cage, but it is an extremely risky activity in Hide ‘N Seek. If hunters put you in a cage, then no one will save you. It is better to hide than look in complex and confusing arenas. Usually, active search brings you much more positive emotions, since in this case you do not have to just sit and wait for the end of allotted time.

Hide from the hunter in various bushes or corners, dive into small puddles or just constantly run through a huge maze. Especially for this, creators have prepared dozens of different locations that perfectly replace each other. Not only the location of entrances and exits changes, but also the appearance of both labyrinth and landscapes in the background. Sometimes, you can play in a real swimming pool as an arena. Hide ‘N Seek also has thematic locations, including a classic office, for example.

Hide ‘N Seek features 3D graphics with well-rendered decorations. In general, game has a cartoon style, but graphical component is not an advantage of this project. The main thing is atmosphere of excitement when you are trying to find someone or hide on the contrary. At the same time, funny music sounds only add the necessary surroundings.

While playing, you can also find coins that you should collect if you want to acquire a collection of skins for your hero. They can simply change the color of character’s body or completely change his appearance. Here you can become a police officer, cowboy, superhero, funny animal and so on. Skins are quite expensive, so you need to save coins for a long time. However, you can avoid this by downloading unlimited money mod for Hide ‘N Seek that we offer to you.

Our team has checked the game and its mod. In order to get unlimited money you need to complete one level. As mentioned above, you can spend your riches on skins. Money has no other purpose, but it is always fun to change your look by dressing up in funny clothes. As usual, installation file is safe for your device, so don’t worry about that.

The gameplay in Hide ’N Seek is well thought out and combines classic arcade game with only elements of choice. Before the start of each round, you can choose your role in upcoming level: hider or seeker. Naturally, the tasks for each type of hero are different.

Each location in Hide ‘N Seek is a kind of work of art, as the developers have prepared over 50 cool rooms. Initial ones are the simplest, but soon you will start to come across various traps and secret corners. The former can slow you down, it can be oil or glue spilled on the ground, the latter you can use as cover. However, be careful, because if the hunter comes close, he can grab you to the cage.

Hide ‘N Seek is perfect for those looking for simple yet fun gameplay. We promise you that this game is able to captivate you for several evenings.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Hide ‘N Seek before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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