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Hide Online – Hunters vs Props provides you with an opportunity to have fun competing with your friends in exciting hide and seek. You have to try the role of seeker and hider in one game, finding a great place to hold out unnoticed for as long as possible. Transform into various objects and try to survive the hunt. You can hide even in front of many opponents with proper skill. Look for your secret places and choose positions wisely! If you are a fan of online shooters, then try yourself in Earn to Die 2 and Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2.

Find out the main advantages of the game and join the multi-million army of Hide Online fans.

Move the pointer over any object and turn into it. Take a place suitable for the subject and hope that opponents won’t attach importance to the changes that have occurred. It is necessary to find enemies with the help of weapons, firing ammo at various objects. You immediately see a health bar above them. When the bar decreases to zero, enemy dies. You can respawn several times by spending special abilities or wait for a new round.

After each battle in Hide Online, you can open a case that contains one of the possible customization sets or another interesting bonus items. You can play for both ordinary people and aliens or other interesting characters, whose costumes are very easy to open. Choose a skin and come up with your nickname, as well as an avatar, and personalize your image in order to stand out from your allies on the map.

Hunter mode allows you to use different weapons and grenades. If the enemy is hiding in an inaccessible place, then you can’t reach him with the help of ordinary bullets. Throw grenades at those places. Train hard to kill enemies with one grenade throw. The players who are hiding are not as defenseless as you think. They can transform you into different creatures and accelerate for a while in order to escape, and you can definitely lose sight of them more than once before you destroy.

Hide Online has a beautiful cartoon style. The drawing of the characters is incredibly pleasing to the eye. Developers paid particular attention to the drawing of locations and the correct installation of objects on it. The items you transform into look the same as the original ones and the differences can arise only while shooting them. Choose any position and wait for the hunters to pass you by. Your eyes won’t get tired of watching beautiful colors and vibrant map designs with stylish level design.

The sound in the game boasts the level of the flagship online shooter. All actions in the game have a characteristic sound. We can add hilarious soundtrack that encourages the player to play another game in every possible way and various classic songs played from time to time during the battle.

As you already understood, the meaning of the gameplay in the game comes down to the victory of one team against another. At the same time, several nuances keep the balance in the game. For example, if a team of hunters runs out of ammo and grenades, and the hiding opponents survive, the team of hunters loses. On the other hand, if during hide and seek you run out of attempts to turn into another object, then sooner or later you will be caught. In order to win the match all the time regardless of the team, we suggest you download a modified version of Hide Online.

Our mod brings you an opportunity to use both ammo and grenades, and attempts to transform into other objects endlessly. Additionally, you won’t see ads that always turn when the round ends. Thus, you can independently influence the outcome of battles and always win.

Our team has tested unlimited ammo feature for Hide Online. Based on the test results, we guarantee you full functionality of the mod and the absence of viruses. You can easily take full advantage of the modification by enabling a special menu in the upper left corner. During installation, no additional steps are required. Carry out installation process in accordance with the instructions at the end of our review.

Select an available map and start the game. Hide Online allows you to spend two rounds, in one of which you, as a hunter, have to try to find hidden enemies. By having changed roles, you need to hide from other players to remain unnoticed on their territory as long as possible. Hide both in the most prominent places and in the most unthinkable corners in which they will be looking for you for a very long time.

It is necessary to catch the enemy only with the use of weapons, causing damage and taking away a certain amount of health. The most inaccessible places allow you to kill enemy with a grenade, which can inflict critical damage depending on the range of impact. You can create certain problems for your enemy in both hiding and hunter modes. Jump and run without letting the enemy out of sight and hide in the most inaccessible places. Everything is extremely simple. Your tasks differ depending on the chosen side. Hold out as long as possible by hiding, or destroy as quickly as possible in hunter mode.

Hide Online – Hunters vs Props is an addicting game where you have to both hide and seek as a hunter. Each match has two rounds. In the first half, you are looking for the enemy, and in the second half, you hide from the hunters. Use a variety of skins to personalize your character and a variety of weapons to customize. Throw grenades at the enemy and turn them into motionless creatures for a while in order to escape. You will be pleased with the stunning cartoon graphics and convenient controls that won’t take you long to get used to it.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Hide Online before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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