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Hitmasters is a cool action game with tons of weapons and cool characters that you can gradually unlock as you progress through the storyline. Hundreds of exciting levels await you, where you have to fight with a variety of opponents. Put on a superhero costume or pretend to be a real villain, take good aim and light up all your enemies. The developers of the Playgendary Limited studio have made the most convenient and simple gameplay, as well as controls, so nothing can interrupt you from the gameplay. A pleasant economy and a balanced level system won’t make you nervous or replay the same quests several times. All you need is a little strategy and a good weapon to take out any number of enemies. In addition, for fans of this genre, we recommend Stupid Zombies 2 and Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles.

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Since Hitmasters require to calculate the trajectory of bullet and its ricochet correctly, physics is of great importance in this project. Moreover, it won’t disappoint you in this project. The bullet behaves exactly as it should. Get ready for the fact that everything in the location fly into pieces and explode. In order to inflict maximum damage on your enemies, you need to think about each shot and make a footnote to the laws of physics. Otherwise, you simply won’t have enough bullets, which are limited for each level.

Initially, only one mode is available to you in Hitmasters. This mode allows you to shoot from your weapon either at enemies or objects of the environment. Enemies die after the first hit, but often the stage requires you to interact with objects. For example, a shot at a special box can lead to an explosion that can take the lives of several opponents at once. Use shots to move blocks that fall on the heads of unlucky bandits. Accurate hits can knock out the platform from under the feet of opponents, so they could fall into vat of acid.

There are a lot of such interesting mechanics in Hitmasters, and you should get to know them all. The next mode involves the use of a gravity gun. This weapon can help you to pull and push various objects. Here the above mechanics opens up in front of you in a new way. Ricochet mode offers you to throw various projectiles. These same shells ricochet off the walls, allowing you to get to the most protected enemies. Often times, you are required to calculate the correct angle so that the projectile could hit the enemy exactly. You also have to rescue the hostages in all of these modes. It is enough just not to hit them for salvation.

Every passed level can bring you rewards and rare skins. The reward here is the in-game currency, which you can spend on purchasing all the same skins. It is worth noting that the skins here completely change the appearance of the character and his weapons. Heroes familiar from the developer’s past games and a host of new characters are waiting for you.

All levels in Hitmasters have different difficulty and number of opponents. You can complete some of them in a few seconds. For others you have to think carefully so that you have enough bullets for everyone. Simplifying the gameplay is that most of the items in the locations are interactive. Therefore, you can move and destroy them with your bullets. Sometimes you can’t destroy enemies with simple shots, as they wear helmets, body armor and other protective equipment. However, if you throw a huge stone block or an iron box on their heads, then nothing could save them.

Graphics and animation deserve special attention in Hitmasters. The characters and locations look funny and stylish at the same time. All the heroes who take part in the project do not stand in a pillar, but move, express emotions and have cool voice acting. In addition, during the gameplay you can hear a driving soundtrack, under which it is even more fun to kill enemies.

We bring to your attention a mod for unlimited money and crystals. Now, you can get access to all the skins in the game. Moreover, you can also buy any other upgrades available for money for your character.

We tested the functionality of Hitmasters mod for unlimited money. Based on the results of our tets, we guarantee that immediately after installing the game, billions of coins and crystals will appear on your account. Don’t worry, it is completely safe for your gadget, as we checked everything installation file with antivirus software.

The gameplay of Hitmasters combines the features of several genres at once, so it is very difficult to call it the same type. Here you encounter progress, which consists in passing a certain number of levels. As you progress through the campaign, you unlock new game modes, character skins, weapons, and more. It is worth noting that the difficulty level increases as you progress through the levels. The gameplay in question is very difficult to call hardcore, so the project in question is suitable for both adult players and young gamers.

Often you need to shoot not at the enemies, but at the objects of the environment. We are talking about explosives, various mechanisms, loads suspended from ropes, and so on. Simple enemies die with one hit, but bosses can give you some trouble. Boss battles are a challenge, since they have many health points and they are not going to die after the first hit. Each separate stage requires extreme concentration and ingenuity from you. We should note the ragdoll physics characteristic of the characters separately.

The admixture of the puzzle genre in action game Hitmasters made the gameplay more varied and capacious. If you are ready to help the main character in the battle with the bad guys, then feel free to download the game to your android device.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Hitmasters before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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