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Hot Wheels Unlimited is an exciting racing of a popular brand for Android devices. The gameplay of this game includes two parts. In the first, the player has to dream up and develop his own racing tracks. In the second, it is necessary to exploit tracks through races on various car models. Customize racing tracks with jumps, climbs, loops and other extreme elements. Hot Wheels Unlimited has a challenge mode with rewards (new cars) that the user can add to his collection. Among other exciting racing projects, we can highlight F1 Manager and Slingshot Stunt Driver.

We recommend you to read the text below to have a more complete understanding of the game.

The gamer has a chance to visit Hot Wheels game world with the opportunity to drive unrealistically fast on stylish cars. Take part in extreme races with many obstacles and get many positive emotions. Each track can include trampolines and extreme sections. Adrenaline-fueled races at insane speeds along the intensely packed roads await you.

Every user of Hot Wheels Unlimited has the opportunity to develop own unique tracks. The process is quite difficult, since during the construction, the player have to solve logic problems. However, it is no less exciting. Each track must be well thought out and implemented. Moreover, you can invite your friend to it and compete with him for the title of the best racer.

It’s hard to imagine, but yes – while the user is fighting for the first place, he develops his strategic and mental skills. When building a track, the player solves logic and math problems. The gamer builds a strategy to win in races, as all this leads to overall development.

The graphics can delight even the most demanding users, as the developers have made the game in 3D format! The games market has long been a host of different racing games, which usually carry a realistic perspective for gamers. This game is hard to compare with others. Every element in Hot Wheels Unlimited has precise proportions like in reality. The only drawback in the development are cars. Namely, they are toys not close to reality, as outwardly. However, you can say, this is not a simulator, but a game and you are right.

Outwardly, the car is as close to reality as possible, but inside it’s a toy. Thus, the developers wanted to make this game different from others, so everything is great here. The same we can say for the game design and its landscapes. When the camera is inside the car, dimensions become larger and the image is more familiar. Due to this feature, the game becomes more interesting in the eyes of other users.

As for the sound and music: tunes in Hot Wheels Unlimited are different and depend on the game circumstances. If the user builds a track, then a light unobtrusive melody sounds. If the race is in full swing, then music that is more energetic gives motivation.

The main feature of Hot Wheels Unlimited mod is that all game elements become open, including all cars and sections of racing tracks.

Based on the results of testing game functionality, we can confirm that everything works great. You should not be afraid while downloading this mod, as it is safe for your device. After starting the game, you have access to all cars, as well as any section of the track. You just have to use all your imagination to design a cool racetrack.

As for the gameplay, we immediately want to notice the stunning dynamics of the races and competitions. Considering this, it is quite problematic to fly off the racetrack, but you still can lose speed and stay behind most of the participants. Before racing, you have to design a track. Just use your brains. In general, the target audience of Hot Wheels Unlimited is children of preschool and school age. However, this game can also bring pleasure to adults.

You can create and design only the racetrack, but after the race start, you will see icons with boosters that pop up over the track. These boosters allow the use of units for the injection of nitrous oxide. Acceleration lasts a short time, but boosters restore quite quickly: either in the process of drifting in corners or by collecting new items along the entire track.

Hot Wheels Unlimited – exciting car racing for Android mobile devices that can definitely appeal to teenagers and adults.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Hot Wheels Unlimited before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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