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Hotel Blast is a mobile puzzle adventure game developed and presented by WhaleApp LTD. You have to completely restore an old hotel, choose its final design, and provide guests with everything they need. You get under your control a luxurious huge building neglected in recent years. First, you have to completely clear the trash, renovate the premises and pick up new furniture, passing exciting match-3 levels. The game has an interesting plot, which reveals the past of the hotel. Thanks to the harmonious combination of adventure and puzzle elements the game gathered the entire audience, including children. And if you like games of this genre, we recommend you the quest for finding objects Manor Matters and a very similar project for Hotel Blast – Gardenscapes.

Hotel Blast is one of the best games for a fun time. Now we will prove it to you.

An important part of the Hotel Blast gameplay comes down to match-3 puzzles. However, there are some differences here. You don’t need to move the cubes to make lines of three, four, or more stones. Just tap on the screen when you see several stones of the same color nearby and progress through the game’s plot. The part related to solving puzzles is traditional. The tasks are to destroy the specified parts in the required number of moves. It may also sometimes be necessary to bring down fish tanks or destroy TVs by blowing up a row next to them. There are more than a hundred missions in the game.

Once you gain access to the hotel, there are a lot of things to do in your diary. Moreover, each of them requires a certain number of keys. If you want to clean the room, you need to pay a key for it. If you need to purchase furniture or equipment for the hotel – one more key. You always have access to four options of interior and exterior design. Three of them are completely free, the fourth, the brightest and most colorful, usually costs a few coins. Use your imagination to create your own future hotel project. The game gives you the opportunity to realize a truly unique variation.

Hotel Blast begins with your introduction to the headwaiter. He wrote you a letter stating that you inherited the hotel from your longtime ancestor, now you must put it in order. Headwaiter Oliver is not the only character in the gameplay. You will meet other characters directly related to the hotel. The storyline unfolds systematically by both the dialogues of the characters. Further, the game begins to involve you in a fascinating plot, where there is a place for both interesting riddles and eerie secrets of the once beautiful hotel.

The mechanics of Hotel Blast are extremely simple: we have to perform certain actions, such as fixing the reception desk or installing a new fireplace. Each of these actions requires one or more keys, which you can obtain by completing tasks from the puzzles. Such tasks are standard levels of match-3 type. Once you receive the key, you can use it to perform an action. There is a choice of one of several options, which gives room for imagination. In general, the gameplay is intuitive from the first minutes and it shouldn’t cause you any difficulties.

Hotel Blast has three-dimensional graphics with a nice interface and beautifully detailed environment. Even a neglected hotel amazes with the quality of decoration and luxury. You can turn it into a real palace. In addition, during every successful action in the game you can hear pleasant sound effects, which makes the gameplay even more fun.

We bring to your attention a mod for unlimited coins, as well as keys. Use it to buy boosters for match-3 puzzles, as well as the most beautiful interior items. Thanks to the endless keys, you can perform all the improvement actions of the hotel without interruption, because you no longer need to play mini-games to get the keys.

We have tested Hotel Blast for our valued users. Based on the testing results, we can confirm the correct and safe operation of the mod for unlimited money and keys. The essence is follows: when you spend money or keys, their amount on your account only increases.

Boosters can help you to complete the tasks. First, the player can take a rocket or bomb already placed on the field at the level beginning. You can get such missiles on your own, finding places where the same blocks accumulate – five to six pieces each. The more blocks, the more powerful the booster. However, you can’t obtain other boosters this way. For example, you can use a vacuum cleaner that picks up blocks of the selected color. The Missile Box turns all cubes of the selected color into rockets, which immediately explode. The broom just removes the selected block. You can get such boosters for completing special tasks or buy for coins.

For completing each level in Hotel Blast, you get keys and stars. Their number depends on how many moves you managed to complete the task. The fewer moves it took the more stars you get. Unused steps allow you to install more boosters on the field at the end of the stage to explode and get an extra star. The player gets the opportunity to open a gold safe after collecting 25 stars.

Hotel Blast has a varied gameplay, an interesting plot, well-developed mechanics containing puzzle and quest aspects, as well as excellent colorful graphics. It is one of those projects where gamers can spend several days.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Hotel Blast before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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