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ID Please – Club Simulation – get ready to have fun, because this is one of the funniest simulators in real life, which will simulate individual events in the club. The owner of the establishment where you work is very strict and doesn’t allow drunk or unkempt people in his premises, which is why you have your job. Become a real bouncer who stand at the entrance and assign interesting tasks along with standard duties of checking. In addition, we can also recommend you games of a similar genre Slap Kings and Space Frontier.

10 million people are already playing ID Please – Club Simulation. Read about the benefits of this game and join the large army of fans.

If you wasn’t allowed to enter the club at least once, now you can take revenge in this exciting simulator. Feel like a real bouncer standing at the entrance to an elite disco bar. This is the hottest place in the city, so crowds of customers rush to get inside. Your task is to make sure that drunkards, teenagers and vagabonds don’t sneak along with neat and aged visitors, because this can adversely affect your career and salary. Standing at the entrance, you more than once come across funny people that try to get into the club in an untidy state, with shabby makeup or torn clothes. Therefore, you always need to be on guard and catch the impudent ones.

ID Please – Club Simulation allows you to become a real psychologist who get into the heads of people to read their thoughts and desires. Various traps and puzzles await you on every level and you have to complete it quite quickly, because the gameplay limits the time. If you delay for a few seconds, you need to replay the level. Mindfulness and ingenuity are your main tools in this work. It is not always possible to take a client’s word for it, so you have to use special gadgets to bring dishonest visitors to clean water.

You can even witness unpleasant scenes in ID Please – Club Simulation. In order to prevent general panic, you need to stop fights and scandals immediately. All the scenes have perfect drawing, like the characters themselves. You can easily interact with them and, if necessary, pay attention to various little things. For example, you can find out a glued mustache or worn out documents. At the same time, there are no explicit scenes of violence, so the game is available for both adults and children. Have fun individually or together, completing simple tasks and passing levels filled with unusual visitors, with strange habits and appearance.

Switch between available modes and control the flow of people who wish to dance on a regular Friday evening. If you are a hardcore lover then add fights that you need to break out every few minutes. ID Please – Club Simulation also has exciting club mode in which you need to face freebie lovers and cunning schoolchildren who don’t disdain to forge documents and hide their identity.

Earn money in order to buy various gadgets that can help you solve problems with clients much faster. Enlist the support of a partner, if necessary. Thanks to a well-developed economy, you can raise money for all the necessary functions yourself, so you don’t have to donate.

ID Please – Club Simulation cannot boast of good graphics quality, but it’s not the main thing in this game. The whole gameplay process bases on checking documents from funny cartoon characters. On rare occasions, you have to break up fights and deal with other unusual situations. The sound component of the project also has the proper level, because club music always sounds on the background. You won’t hear musical hits, but taking into account the routine process, you won’t be bored.

Taking into account that in ID Please – Club Simulation you won’t have problems with performing routine tasks of a bouncer, the only worthy mod option that we can offer you is unlimited money. Now, you can easily make improvements in your apartment, as well as buy special gadgets that can help you easily recognize all scammers and children who seek to enter the club with fake documents.

Our team has tested the unlimited money mod for ID Please – Club Simulation on performance and safety. Based on the results, we can safely guarantee its quality, since all the declared functions work absolutely without problems. Moreover, the antivirus scan didn’t reveal any threats or harmful programs. In order to start using unlimited money feature, you just need to download the game from our website and install it in accordance with recommendations below.

Filter people in ID Please – Club Simulation using swipes. Here you will see that the characters express emotions and may even throw some curse words at you. It is quite difficult for you to follow the instructions, as people often deceive you. You have to study the identity and appearance of the guest carefully in order not to make a mistake. If you make a mistake, then the game informs you about it with a characteristic sound.

After each work shift, you see full statistics showing the quality of your work and the level of requirements fulfillment ll. The maximum you can get here is three stars. Moreover, a fight can start in the queue, which termination is a kind of mini-game. There are many activities here, so the gameplay does not suffer from monotony.

ID Please – Club Simulation is an excellent game with good graphics and mechanics. You won’t definitely get bored, because dozens and hundreds of clients have to pass through your face control. However, not every visitor is ready for what is waiting for him outside. Some visitors have not turned a sufficient number of years, others are too drunk, and still others are ready to make a scandal out of the blue. Such people have no place among clubbers. You as a security guard have to figure out the unwanted contingent and weed it out.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of ID Please – Club Simulation before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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