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Identity V is a unique project that combines multiplayer, role-playing, horror and action in one game. Choose your role – become one of survivors or feel like the main evil character. The asymmetry in the game lies in reactions to the game events. In addition, the opponents who take part in each match are asymmetrical. There are four survivors and one hunter on the field, so the player can choose his role freely. Identity V is a great strategic thinking trainer with an opportunity to learn from your and players mistakes! Check out also another horror Granny: Chapter Two and exciting stories in Episode – Choose Your Story.


NetEase studio released the app in 2018. Identity V has over 10 million downloads and its rating is 4.0/5. The age limit for players is 12+.

Identity V invites the player to survive at any cost. Regardless of the player role in a particular round, you have to show all the wonders of resourcefulness and thoughtfulness. Apply all tactical skills in order to win. It is worth noting that during a match even a hunter can change the role if he cannot catch two survivors in the allotted time. If hunter succeeds, he wins. The game creators offer several more game modes, for example, eight survivors against two hunters. However, some modes require serious rules study.

Identity V is not just a multiplayer horror role-playing game. It is a whole story that leads each individual player along own lines. Developers have thought out a competent training system that you should not be ignore to understand all subtleties and turns in the game. The training course contains many tips and tactical decisions needed to win. After completing the training, it becomes much easier to win and more interesting to play!

Like many other modern mobile games, Identity V invites users to improve their hero to the desired characteristics. By upgrading the character, regardless of his role in the next battle, player gets the opportunity not only to win, but also to receive more rewards. You can use in-game currency – echoes – to improve the character and purchase the necessary items that can help to facilitate the path to victories!

Identity V has some impressive graphics regularly updated by the developers. The game style is completely consistent with its genre, while the color filling is terrifying even if played in the daytime. All movements and game mechanics in the game look smooth. Both the main characters and those who are an integral part of the plot have high quality rendering. Overall design, although it inspires fear, fascinates with good picture quality and thoughtful elements of the game world.

The sound perfectly matches the picture. The game is full of frightening music, incomprehensible rustles and terrifying rattles. By the way, sounds play an important role in the gameplay. It is worth paying special attention to them in some situations.

Please note that Identity V requires more than 3 GB of free space on your Android device. Consider this before installing the game and, if necessary, free up the required amount.

It is more pleasant to play any game with unlimited game currency, and Identity V is no exception. We offer you to download mod for unlimited echoes to enjoy the game fully. With its help, you can achieve your game goals faster.

We have tested Identity V with a mod for unlimited echoes. This modification helps you strengthen your hero, as well as purchase the most useful items and artifacts. However, there may be some troubles while using our solution. If it doesn’t work for you, then please be patient. Our testers will immediately update the game to the correct version as soon as it becomes possible. Thank you for staying with us.

Identity V is a multiplayer horror game where the player has to either get out in the company of other players from a given location, or try to catch survivors, acting as a hunter. In some ways, the game resembles both hide and seek and Mafia, but all locations have dark colors, filled with fear and soaked in horror. However, the game is still exciting.  Whether the player is hunter or survivor, it is necessary to pay attention to your best qualities and try to upgrade your flaws.

The controls in the game are quite simple, but you have to go through training to get used to the gameplay thoroughly. Once the hand is full, it is very easy to manage your character.

Identity V is a terrible but wonderful game that surpasses its genre! Great picture, design and style of the game make it different and mesmerizing! Do you want to run away and be afraid? Welcome to the hunt!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Identity V before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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