Idle Army Base Mod APK (Free Shopping) 1.24.1

Idle Army Base is a clicker game from Neon Play. Become an army general and profit from your troops by running an army base like a tycoon. Build the best military base ever! Go from the bottom up from an ordinary private who arrived at an army training camp and forget about rest for a long time, to a rich army general. Improve your ranking by completing tutorials and making money. Prove your combat readiness to the world! We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with ID Please – Club Simulation and PC Creator – PC Building Simulator.

Idle Army Base includes all the best features of classic idle Android games, which means you don’t have to be tied to your phone to get the most out of this game. Let’s take a look at a number of them.

Whenever your group is able to complete a mission, you earn a decent amount of coins. Use coins to upgrade structures and attract even more volunteers to your camp. The profit increases the efficiency and speed of training soldiers in your camp. Give them tasks, daily workouts in the gym to improve their tactics and team cohesion.

Can you use the right strategy in Idle Army Base to become an army tycoon, capitalist or millionaire and mine gold? Invest in your army base in order to earn more money, gold and profits, and then invest this money in the empire of troops to conquer the whole world. Enjoy your adventure! Increase your earnings and cash – both online and offline. Invest in the right zones and free troops to make profits as quickly as possible and maximize your workflow. Get monetary resources and discover new application opportunities.

The combat map in the Idle Army Base has several areas. New regions become available for conquest only after opening them on a common base. The map opens completely when you unlock all the training grounds. Fight in the jungle, the arctic and the city. Get ready to find cover, control your pulse, hold your breath, and go on the attack. Don’t be afraid of unbearable conditions, because it hardens. Discover something new for yourself with each new site and become better. Get into a tank, shoot cannon and inflict maximum damage on enemies.

It is possible to earn offline only at the beginning of the Idle Army Base. Henceforth, even with the full filling of your camp with soldiers, you don’t have the opportunity to make a profit offline. Their training is possible only online. The game has such design that the most effective way to get a stable income is not to leave the game. Disable the screen lock on your device and don’t close the game. Doing business is possible only in real time, being online. Then just go periodically to the game, upgrade your soldiers and again leave the gadget on the network. This trick gives you the opportunity to complete the game faster and collect profits from all active cadets.

Idle Army Base delights you with stylish and detailed 3D graphics, thoughtful and fun gameplay, as well as brutal and incredibly beautiful battles. The top view allows you to see and control all operations. Based on the measured life of your base, you can see some good graphics, where each area in the game has its own unique animation. Watch your soldiers training in Urban Warfare or yard training.

Free shopping is the main feature of Idle Army Base mod. When you improve your base or units, the money in your account increase. Therefore, it is very easy to achieve billions in profits in a few minutes. In addition, our modified version also unlocks unlimited stars, for which you can improve special buildings.

During the game, very often you can face the problem of profit to improve your army and open up new opportunities. Long-term achievement of a goal sometimes becomes a monotonous and boring process. It happens that you simply don’t have enough coins or stars in order to continue the game. Paying real money isn’t the best option. Therefore, we provide solution that opens the possibility of free shopping.

Get access to unlimited money for unlimited upgrades to your base, the best army base in the world!

The mod in Idle Army Base is safe and works great – we checked everything. Now you don’t need to wait until the next building will bring you some coins to make a new improvement. Just tap on the upgrades and get trillions of money to your account. Take advantage of unlimited stars and upgrade private buildings, which you can obtain in the regular version with donation. Don’t worry, installation file is completely safe.

Idle Army Base is a world building game in which you focus on building a powerful military base. You have to manage a base specializing in the training of various types of troops. Upgrade your soldiers and become the best general. Fans of militaristic and wider clickers should definitely pay attention to this project. Make the game much more enjoyable with our modification and enjoy the process.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Idle Army Base before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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