Idle Construction 3D Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 2.12

Idle Construction 3D is a mobile clicker where the user plays the role of construction company owner. The essence of the gameplay is to create a profitable corporation, erect skyscrapers, as well as architectural monuments and optimize the workflow by hiring staff. This project is an excellent time killer that combines elements of both a clicker and an Idle. If you have been looking for a simple simulator of a construction tycoon for a long time, then be sure to pay attention to this game. We can also offer to you AdVenture Communist and Will it Crush?

Find out the main advantages of this project below.

Idle Construction 3D has the simplest gameplay mechanism. The user’s key task is to construct various buildings. Builders do work on their own. It depends only on you how fast they do it. Tap the screen to speed up the characters a little. The faster you click on the screen, the faster they complete the building design. Periodically, user can activate additional bonuses that can help to complete the building faster. For example, Super Builder can finish an entire floor for you in just a few seconds. You need to watch an advertisement, or purchase booster with diamonds to activate this effect.

Each stage of the campaign comes down to the fact that you need to construct a building. Complexity of buildings is constantly different, but the group of your workers is not afraid of any difficulties. Just closely monitor the progress of construction and develop as many as three parameters that can significantly bring you closer to success. You can also add different decor to your buildings to affect the overall beauty significantly. As you move on to the next stages, you need to plan improvements more carefully. The first stages of Idle Construction 3D provide players with simple cottages. Therefore, you need to complete a dozen of levels to start building complex skyscrapers and even stadiums. Each construction site starts from a brick foundation. Only the joint work of your team and their leader in your person can bring the matter to mind.

You can improve three parameters in Idle Construction 3D. The first parameter is responsible for the profit you receive for each block, brick or tile constructed by your team. This parameter may remind Idle concept, which is built around passive earnings. The next parameter is the work speed. By upgrading it, you can significantly speed up both workers and cars that bring bricks to the construction site. It is noteworthy that maximum level of improving this skill can amaze you with the speed of movement of your workers. The last parameter is the size of workers team. You can easily hire a huge number of tirelessly workers.

You can receive in-game currency in Idle Construction 3D not only for construction, but also for completing various tasks. These mini-missions help you get back on your feet in early stages of the walkthrough. You can also get currency in the game store, where you can buy any amount of currency for real money. There is also a whole list of all kinds of boosters, which use increases the speed of work for a short period. However, use of these boosters is not a prerequisite for the successful completion of level, so donation is not so important here.

The graphical component of Idle Construction 3D cannot surprise you, but it is strange to expect modern visual effects and texture detail in a time killer. At the same time, game has quite smoothly animations and well-worked objects that cause only positive emotions. There is practically no sound, although you may hear some effects during construction.

As you already have understood, money plays the main role in Idle Construction 3D. If you want to build faster, it is necessary to use special boosters that require some currency spending. However, in order to save time and nerves, you can use our unlimited money mod.

Based on the test results we can confirm functionality of Idle Construction 3D and its unlimited money feature. After installing, you can construct buildings without stopping. In this case, the money amount increases as you spend it. Don’t worry, installation file does not contain any malware or viruses. We have checked everything and can guarantee its high quality and safe mod operation.

The gameplay of Idle Construction 3D can surprise you with its slowness and smoothness. No one rushes you by limiting the time. Just go to construction site and manage team of workers who can build whatever your heart desires. Each separate campaign stage poses a specific task that comes down to construction of building anyway.

As in every other clicker, here you just need to tap the screen when the need arises. Even a small child can cope with this, so nobody will have problems with controls. In general, the game represents a standard clicker with some of its own features.

Idle Construction 3D allows the player not to delve into complex and confusing gameplay, but simply tap on display and watch the characters work on the screen. If you want to relax, we recommend you to play this project.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Idle Construction 3D before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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