Idle EcoClicker: Saving the Planet from Garbage Mod APK (Money) 3.99

Numerous game categories on Play Store feature interesting clickers on various topics. If clickers from stores, restaurants and various stations have already become popular among owners of Android devices, then it is time to get acquainted with new topics. Idle EcoClicker: Saving the Planet from Garbage has become a real sensation. Its main theme is to save the planet from pollution, toxic waste and commonplace rubbish. Both environmentalists and ordinary Play Store users liked the project and praised its main goal. If you like clickers, then you can also download Acrylic Nails and Girl Genius.

Now the application Idle EcoClicker: Saving the Planet from Garbage has been downloaded by more than one million users of the store for Android platforms, where over twenty users rated the application with 4.4 points. The simulator is a success, because almost all applications from CASUAL AZUR GAMES are great leisure time for both adults and children.

Idle EcoClicker: Saving the Planet from Garbage is available offline, which is convenient for playing on trips or places with poor Internet connections. Project does not require special conditions, so playing offline is beneficial for many users.

Initially, players need to play in first and easiest area: do volunteer work. Here, young volunteers help to clean up garbage, but the next step is to clean up deposits of building materials and large debris. In the first steps of the game, gamers have access only to these two areas, but later they can easily open other areas as well. For example, river filter and separator. The game has over four different locations with unique areas.

Game features ability to develop, because there is a system of levels. First initial levels that represent all gameplay opportunities provide players with balloons that bring parcels, as privileges. There you can find cases with gifts, gems or leaves. There is also an opportunity to upgrade the location, getting more points for a new level.

Main menu contains corresponding Missions tab, which contains a variety of tasks. There are both daily missions and a special mission, which completion guarantees a case with a gift. Most often, tasks are associated with opening of new industries, earning money and improving sites. There are also missions in which you need to catch a couple of hang gliders and get the relying prize, as well as use new boosters for the game.

It is one of those clickers where the developers have spared additional rewards: from daily prizes to surprise gifts. You can get rewards by leveling up, unlocking branches and completing missions. In addition to the main income, players can get prizes by stopping balloons and airships.

Like many clickers, Idle EcoClicker has simple yet colorful graphics that are pleasing to the eye. Here you can watch the work of volunteers, the movements of tractor, the work of filters and other areas. Each new level opens a better view of ecology for players. It is possible to get green fields and tall trees from the gray muddy areas.

Moreover, you can hear pleasant and cheerful music, typical for clicker gameplay that plays on background. In addition to the main melody, it is also possible to hear sounds of factories, garbage collection and recycling machines. Upon contact with any cell or location, player hears a gurgling sound.

The game has paid content in form of cash purchases. In-game currency appears in form of gems and leaves needed to improve working industries. Buying money is not beneficial to any user, so every owner of Android device has the opportunity to install Idle EcoClicker: Saving the Planet from Garbage with already built-in mod for unlimited money.

We confirm that mod testing showed great functionality in terms of unlimited money feature. Just download and install the proposed version to enjoy all unlocked possibilities. Our team made everything to ensure in safety of installation file. Additional antivirus scans did not reveal threats and malware in APK file. 

After entering the game, you need to complete a simple training, where main character learns about project purpose and rules of working with it. Below is the main menu with closed cells that you can open after several minutes of gameplay. In the middle, there is Upgrade option that allows you to upgrade and improve location and areas on it. Missions contain list of possible tasks, which completing can bring you generous rewards. By the way, Shop provides the purchase of boosters, gems and cases.

The game controls are simple: just use one hand. By tapping on one of the plots, players are able to pick up accumulated leaves. However, after reaching new industry level, need for this disappears and possibility of auto-collection opens. Players can only plunge into this ecology atmosphere and discover new interesting locations.

Become a real volunteer in Idle EcoClicker, where you have to cleanse the world of human pollution. Filter water, recycle trash, rescue animals and participate in eco-friendly project.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Idle EcoClicker: Saving the Planet from Garbage before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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