Idle Home Makeover Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 2.8

Idle Home Makeover Mod

Idle Home Makeover from ZPLAY Games studio is a construction-themed clicker in which the user has the opportunity to observe the construction of a house at all stages. The application has the simplest gameplay, but at the same time quickly addicting. As with most clickers, the user receives money not only during the session, but also for the time spent offline.

Your main task is to build a house, and for this, you need to show your creativity, turning an ordinary building into a beautiful mansion. Design your home with different types of decoration. Transform your home, making it a dream building. No frills or hidden features: just improve the quality of finishes, roofs, windows, doors and watch how your home becomes more beautiful. Don’t forget to collect money!

Read on to learn more about this interesting project.

Developers made sure that users do not have to understand the complex and incomprehensible controls to play Idle Home Makeover as easy as possible. Everything is extremely accessible and understandable. You do not need to touch individual building elements in order to go to the upgrade menu. All functions are available on the game screen. Just tap on the screen and earn as much money as possible in order to move quickly to the next exterior element.

Initially, only one building is available at your disposal. You need to upgrade it fully by making a real residence from a small barn. After you complete the construction of the first dwelling, you can immediately proceed to the construction of the next one. There are several types of buildings in the game, so you will always have plenty to choose.

With Idle Home Makeover, users can enjoy stunning 3D graphics while remodeling their home. At the same time, you can view the house from any point, using a convenient 360-degree view. You have the opportunity to consider in detail all the elements, materials and look closer on the design.

Since Idle Home Makeover is a classic clicker, the game won’t ask you to do something supernatural. There are a minimum of additional functions, but this is more a plus than a minus. The main thing is that the project perfectly copes with its main purpose – to kill time. There is no need to understand the complex features of the gameplay. You can just relax and have fun.

As mentioned earlier, the project can delight users with excellent three-dimensional graphics. Moreover, when you receive money for buildings, you hear the pleasant sound of coins. In addition, the game is completely undemanding to android devices, so you won’t have any problems while using it.

Idle Home Makeover is a free game on Google Play. In order to earn more in-game money, the user needs to view annoying ads or deposit real funds. However, you have the opportunity to download a modified version of the game and no longer feel the need for money. Now your money will always increase and thus you always can have enough resources.

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We have tested Idle Home Makeover on our devices. Based on the test results, we confirm the correct and safe operation of unlimited money mod. You can take full advantage of all its features right after installing the modified version.

During the game, user becomes a builder and an architect. Imagine that you have a project for your house, which you need to build completely yourself. You have the building frame, as well as a small amount of money to start the project. Subsequently, the cost of each new stage increases, but you can take part in all operations from wall decoration to roofing.

Idle Home Makeover allows you to build the dwelling in stages, adding new elements to the frame, covering the roof with plywood and tiles and finishing the walls. All this requires the purchase of materials. The user receives a certain amount on a passive basis. Just click on the piggy bank to make more money.

There are several switches on the game screen responsible for one or another part of the house. Next to its name is a key to improve a specific segment, but the cost of each subsequent construction step increases as you progress. New stages unlock as you complete other work, so improve everything gradually.

Income is growing rapidly, but this is not enough, because the cost of new improvements is also constantly growing. Thus, sometimes you just have to sit and wait until the required amount appears on the account. However, there is another way out – click on the piggy bank! Its icon is located in the corner of the screen. Each click gives a certain amount.

Using this method, you can slightly improve your affairs. You can’t upgrade house endlessly – each of the parameters has a maximum level. Move on to arranging your new home after completing the work. However, it costs a lot of money – for example, a second home opens for 40 million coins.

However, you can earn in other ways. For example, by viewing advertisements, playing roulette or using sponsorship offers. Although with unlimited money mod, you won’t need all of this.

Idle Home Makeover is the simplest clicker option that many gamers may like due to its easy gameplay. If you want to spend time with interest, but not load your brain at the same time, then we definitely recommend this game to you.           

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Idle Home Makeover before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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