Idle Miners Settlement Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 3.0.17

Idle Miners Settlement: idle mining & clicker game is an exciting simulator that introduces you to responsibilities of a miner. The game offers players an opportunity to grab a pickaxe, going into the mine to extract minerals. Find yourself in a mining village, which once flourished, but then became abandoned. Start by mining wood to renovate houses, shops and more. Get pets that will help you in the extraction of resources. Gather the necessary materials, complete quests and watch how the village gets a second life. Download also other clickers: Idle EcoClicker: Saving the Planet and Evil Hunter Tycoon.

The project has over 100 thousand downloads in Play Market. Its average score is high 4.8 points.

Idle Miners Settlement tells you the story of one simple but resourceful person. One fine day, the main character went out in search of his happiness. He found an abandoned mining village with a mine, which he wanted to explore. After clearing everything, he saw innumerable wealth in form of minerals. This small discovery turned out to mining business, which transformed main hero into a real tycoon. At first, your business resembles a mine dug by hand where you try to do something in it. If you are a thoughtful enough leader, then this small pit will turn into a deep full-fledged mine, where you can extract not only coal, but also precious metals.

The gameplay of Idle Miners Settlement is a mixture of two genres – time manager and clicker. At the very beginning, you have only one mouth of the mine, as well as a minimum of resources. Therefore, you need to independently supply ore for smelting, pick up materials, hand over and receive money. With each additional dollar, you increasingly automate the process until you create an autonomous and completely closed system of mining and converting them into currency. The gameplay essence is extremely simple. Find all possible resources, set up work of the mine, process the rock and sell it in order to make a profit, observing the well-coordinated work of employees.

There are several ways to increase productivity of mines: by hiring experienced workers, by raising level of the mine and with help of a manager. However, one more solution is unique for such games. You can hire a pet to collect resources automatically and help the protagonist. As a master, you must train your pets to do their job better. By the way, they work even when you are offline. That is why it makes no sense to play Idle Miners Settlement constantly, because you can receive passive income by going about your business.

The game features pixel graphics, but there are many unique objects here. Starting from the mode of creating a unique character and ending with various minerals, buildings and improvements. During the gameplay, you can hear calm music, which only contributes to the pastime in the project.

We bring to your attention Idle Miners Settlement mod for an infinite amount of money. Use it improve your village, buy new tools for mining and much more.

After checking the game functionality, our team confirms that the mod works. You do not need to take any action to activate it. Just download and install the application. At the same time, the mod may work unstable due to constant project updates from the developers

New locations allow you to mine more and more valuable resources. In total, there are more than a dozen types of minerals here. Among all this variety, you can find coal, rubies, gold, emeralds, crystal, diamonds, amethysts and much more. Each resource has not only a high price, but also increased requirements for equipment. Dealing with all this is very interesting and not difficult.

Game features intuitive touchscreen control, no virtual joysticks or separate keys. Full localization into several languages ​​lowers the threshold for entering the application even more. Even a beginner can easily figure out game functionality.

Idle Miners Settlement is a real find for those who do not have a lot of free time for applications, but want to play. When you are offline, you still earn money and experience, automatically mined by workers or pets. All that is required of you is to spend currency on time on various improvements. The more such upgrades you carry out, the more profit you get. By playing the game, you earn more and y click on the mines yourself to accelerate the extraction of resources.

Idle Miners Settlement is an interesting time killer that can captivate everyone. The key task of the player within the gameplay is automate production process, get rid of manual intervention and provide a constant influx of profit.

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