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Idle Police Tycoon is a clicker game from the developers of Codigames that can immerse you in the daily routine of police station. Everything is done in the best developer traditions – this is a new idle, where the user can upgrade the premises, buy cameras for criminals and flower pots for decoration. After all, each element of the interior improves the performance and profit of all station. Hiring employees helps to reduce the burden on departments. More people means higher salary costs, but productivity also increases. Buy cars for police and S.W.A.T. Furnish the area with lockers for employees and other decorative elements. Transform a small, nondescript plot into a place that all criminals in the city are afraid. If you love Tycoon games, then we have prepared Hotel Empire Tycoon for you.

Read on and find out about the main features of Idle Police Tycoon.

Your main goal in Idle Police Tycoon is to earn as much money as possible and neutralize criminals. As you can imagine, these things are interconnected. In order for police officers to do their job as best as possible, you need to create a comfortable working environment for them. Expand the area of ​​your site and build new rooms, each of which can be equipped to simplify the work of the police. So, in one of the locations, you can rebuild a modern laboratory for the study of evidence, and fill the other with powerful electronic equipment, which can help to reduce the amount of paperwork to almost zero.

In addition to arranging new rooms, you have the opportunity to upgrade almost all items in the location, due to which they will bring you more money. Therefore, after all upgrades police can work even more comfortably. Upgrade your police car fleet to increase their hot pursuit crime detection rate, upgrade employee lockers, install the coolest computers in offices, or just choose beautiful potted flowers for a beautiful interior. Absolutely everything is important in Idle Police Tycoon. Even such minor things as the choice of colors for the room, because this creates an additional mood for police officers.

Among other things, during the gameplay of Idle Police Tycoon you need to hire new police officers and improve their skill level. You need money to make a specialist more professional, but he will pay off afterwards, as police officer can bring you more income if you do everything right. It is also possible to hire managers. With their help, your site can work and generate money, even if you are not in the game. Although it is possible to do without a manager, in this case, the income will be much less.

Idle Police Tycoon, provides you with a certain amount of money, but it is very important to invest correctly in the development of the site. One mistake in your strategy can lead to a lack of resources. In this case, you have to enter austerity mode. Keep track of electricity consumption and supply the latest technology to agents. Provide armored vehicles for your squads, but stay within budget by developing a financial strategy.

Since Idle Police Tycoon is a clicker and partly an economic simulator, the graphics are not the main advantage of this project. Nevertheless, the game looks nice, and along the way a good soundtrack, which allows you to focus on your adventures will accompany you.

Such clicker simulators usually have one drawback – the lack of money for the development of idle project. Idle Police Tycoon is unfortunately no exception. That is why, in order to speed up all your processes of improving the police station, we offer you a mod for unlimited money. Now, you don’t need to watch ads to earn more, but you can concentrate on improvements completely.

We tested Idle Police Tycoon on our gadgets in order to share our verdict to website users. Based on the results, we guarantee you the correct and safe operation of unlimited money feature. After installing the mod, you can immediately start enjoying all its benefits. As you spend money on various improvements for your station, money amount only increases.

The game begins with a short briefing. An experienced investigator guides you. Later on, you start your adventure by upgrading one room. When the first task is completed, you go to free mode, where only you decide what and how much money you need to improve.

Your police station is a single organism where everything is interconnected. The victim initially comes to the reception, then his case transfers to the detective department, after which the police go to deal with the criminal. The speed of all actions depends on the staff and the level of employees, but the difficulty is that there is a budget for salaries, which you cannot exceed. Otherwise you have to reduce the staff.

Idle Police Tycoon is a worthy representative of the clicker genre. The game copes with its main task – killing time, and you don’t need to want more from this idle.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Idle Police Tycoon before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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