Jetpack Chicken Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 2.4

Jetpack Chicken is an arcade game for Android from THFN Games. Control a chicken in a jetpack and overcome all obstacles on your way. Jump with all your strength to fly the greatest distance, train your reaction and develop your own strategy. However, if you are looking for similar projects that can help you to kill some time and don’t require great skills from the player, we recommend you Hitmasters and Tie Dye.

This fun arcade game has already won hearts of millions of fans. All actions are very dynamic. Just collect more funds to upgrade your hero.

No matter how simple and unpretentious Jetpack Chicken may seem to you, it has a spirit of competition. Healthy competition always pushes only forward. Earn as many points as possible by flying the longest distances. Raise your rating among other players and become the coolest chicken in the world! Invite your friends to play and conquer them with your resourcefulness. Competition has never been so much fun. Funny characters and cool features make your races much more enjoyable. Your friends won’t definitely remain indifferent to funny chickens in jetpacks. See the results around the world, correctly assess your capabilities and the capabilities of your character, and strive for the first place in the table. Become the best of the best around the globe! Chickens, get up at the start and ride forward to victory. Money also affects the rating, because with its help, you can improve your character and get more opportunities to win.

Chicken is a very interesting idea for character formation in Jetpack Chicken. Many different characters and variety of colors make your game visually dynamic and unforgettable. During flying at various distances, you have the opportunity to collect gold coins that can be very useful to you. Why do we so need them? With this currency, you can upgrade your chicken and make it more adaptable to the gameplay. What changes can you make? Change appearance, colors in clothing attributes. You can improve not only the appearance, but also hero characteristics. Upgrade your Jetpack – make it much more powerful and faster. The strength and jump speed is also amenable to change. Make the gameplay faster and more dynamic. Imagine this is a race to become the best hero of all the chickens in the world!

You meet gold coins on the game path all the time, but sometimes it is not easy to collect them. For example, with active acceleration, your reaction should be at its peak in order not to miss one of the coins. If you have not collected everything in a row, then it’s okay. Start over and earn them repeatedly. Gold coins have a cumulative effect. Where to spend them is up to you. As planned by the developers of Jetpack Chicken, you need coins to improve your hero and his jetpack. Get a new knapsack and a helmet from blows to make the chicken more resilient and nimble. Spend wisely and choose for yourself what is more important to you – hero appearance or his characteristics. After all, the better your character, the faster he leads you to victory. There is no victory as such. This game is for rating, earning points and moving up the standings. Players from all over the world compete with you. Collect coins and be the best!

The graphics in Jetpack Chicken are pretty good, very dynamic and colorful. The characters and the whole environment has 3D style. All buildings and objects that the chicken flies over are perfectly detailed. The chicken has a simpler design that doesn’t distract much from the gameplay. The music is present. The soundtrack is fun and dynamic enough to push you forward. The sound effects of collecting coins and collisions give a complete immersion in the game.

We suggest you make the gameplay easier and reach the title of the first chicken in the world with the Jetpack Chicken mod for unlimited money. It can give you tons of unlimited opportunities to upgrade your character. Start playing immediately in the professional league!

We confirm that you can get unlimited amount of money on your account after first launch of mod for Jetpack Chicken. You can spend them on improving your character, buying new jetpacks and ammunition for the chicken. Installation file is safe for your gadget, as it does not have viruses or any other malware.

The idea of​​ Jetpack Chicken is very interesting, because as we know, chickens cannot fly, but everything is possible here. The heroes are outfitted in jetpacks that allow them to fly for a while, at the same time catch coins and accumulate points on the go. Collect coins for upgrading characters and their characteristics, buy new backpacks and helmets to speed up and ease the entire walkthrough. We think this is a great arcade game to diversify your day or distract your child. Set your own bar for what result you want to achieve or watch the achievements of other players.

Jetpack Chicken is a dynamic game with an interesting character in the lead role – chicken. Chickens have never had such a real opportunity as to fly. Put on your jetpack and hit the road out of your chicken coop towards adventure. Make the escape even more fun and fast with the unlimited money feature.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Jetpack Chicken before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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