Just Survive Ark Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 2.6.1

Just Survive Ark: Raft Survival Island Simulator is a survival game where you can fully immerse into the gameplay and enjoy all delights of loneliness, as well as fighting the wild. Dangers await here at every corner, from careless actions of players to attacks of animals and other dangerous inhabitants. You can easily lose some of your health and even lower your stats if you jump from a great height. You can run into a wild animal and take damage from it. I is a real simulator, since in addition to tangible enemies, you also need to deal with hunger and thirst. In addition to constant pursuit of resources, food and water, you can do simple exploration of the area around you. Download other simulators such as Rebel Inc and The Baby In Yellow.

Read on and we’ll tell you about the main features of this simulation game.

The plot of Just Survive Ark takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, so your enemies are not only wild animals, but also even mutants and zombies. Therefore, get something more serious than a stone ax and go in search of a safe place. Luckily, you can easily find a container with weapons, ammo and food. In addition, it is possible to create all these items independently. Fight, collect useful drops, search every building and box on the way and craft everything you need. Do not forget that you are limited only by hunger and thirst, so having a hearty lunch, you can move forward even on the most dangerous journey.

Just Survive Ark features completely open game world limited only by size of the island itself. However, it takes more than a dozen playing days in order to overcome the entire distance from edge to edge. Therefore, you can visit interesting points literally in every zone of the mainland. Accordingly, wherever you decide to stay, action, battles, hunting, crafting and building awaits you, all in the best genres of Survival.

The most interesting thing is the survival systems, because you have to hunt for food and water. Moreover, you cannot take with you a month or even a week supply of food at a time, since there should be weapons and medicines in your backpack. Unlike other similar projects, eating a can of beans will not replenish your health and thirst, but only have a snack. This adds realism. Accordingly, in order to heal the wound, you have to find the appropriate resources – at least alcohol and bandage or rag.

Just Survive Ark has a highly developed crafting system. Literally, anything you find may come in handy. You can even cast bullets out of metal junk and then create cartridges – you only need gunpowder. The coolest thing is that you can find various cool things in containers regularly dropped from planes. In total, the application contains more than 50 items – weapons, tools, rare resources, and more. Explore the whole world in search of something new. You can even smelt ore, just build a special furnace. Craft weapons or armor and defend against enemies.

The application boasts of three-dimensional graphics, pleasant game mechanics and realistic physics. In general, Just Survive Ark has a rather oppressive atmosphere thanks to both picture and soundtrack. All this makes you feel like you are in a post-apocalyptic world, where you are one against all.

We bring to your attention a mod for unlimited amount of money. It can help you to get new items for crafting, food, water and other things necessary for survival.

In order to use Just Survive Ark with unlimited money mod, you just need to download and install the presented version of the application on your device. Do not worry about mod safety – it cannot cause inconvenience to you, since it does not contain harmful viruses.

There is no multiplayer in Just Survive Ark, as you fight exclusively with AI. By building your own home, you can create a storage box for all your supplies, including food and ammunition also limited in scope. For example, a single stack of arrows can contain only 20 charges, 30 shotgun cartridges, etc., including stacks of 10 logs. The more loaded your backpack, the slower the hero moves and the harder it is for you to explore the island.

In addition, the hero needs to sleep. While sleeping, you can replenish health and rest, especially since at night you can stumble upon unpleasant creatures. By the way, if you do not have time to build a shelter right away, use watchtowers in the first stages. Each has a bed and even a table for crafting starter items, tools, and supplies.

The application has a very convenient and responsive interface, which allows you to easily monitor te performance of your character and do everything you need to survive. The most important characteristics – health, hunger and thirst – are located in the upper left corner. Right corner contains a mini-map locator showing important elements such as towers, camps, bonfires and enemies. In addition, you can find your things after death so that they are not wasted.

Just Survive Ark: Raft Survival Island Simulator is a cool survival simulator that makes you smart and careful strategist. Look for resources, equip your base, craft and destroy enemies. This application is able to tighten the player seriously for a long time.

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