KING’s RAID Mod APK (1-Hit Kill/God Mode) 4.30.1

KING’s RAID is an unusual role-playing game, which gameplay focuses on gathering a squad, pumping characters, participating in events and a variety of game modes. Project allows you to feel like a real leader, whose wards decided to challenge the ancient giants and dangerous dragons. The application features anime style. You need to assemble a team of valiant heroes, each of whom is determined to give battle to dragons who want to destroy the world. Over time, you will realize here that dragons are not the only threat to the world. The clan system also plays a big role in the game, as joining a group promises you access to amazing online modes. Among other RPGs, we recommend FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered and Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend.

KING’s RAID has over five million downloads, while its average score on Play Market stands at 4.4 points.

KING’s RAID allows you o immerse yourself in a wide variety of game modes. The main thing here, as always happens, is the story mode. Plunge into a fascinating story about the struggle of glorious heroes and terrible creatures that threaten the world. As you level up your profile, you will be able to familiarize yourself with side modes, where it is possible to farm items necessary for upgrading. There are also modes, which allow players to choose a reward. We are talking about experience, in-game currency, equipment, items for pumping and so on. There are also online modes, offering cooperative battles with raid bosses and full-fledged duels between users. Recently, wars between clans have become popular, in which anyone can take part.

The battles in each of the KING’s RAID modes take place in real time. Use all abilities of the heroes, point them to targets for attack and use all sorts of bonus items that restore health or increase attack rate. In most modes, your squad has to fight waves of enemies. The end of each stage features a battle with a strong enemy or boss. If we are talking about PvP, then gameplay process comes down to a battle with a squad of other players. It is worth noting that you cannot destroy the boss alone within the framework of raids.

You can get characters in KING’s RAID in a variety of ways. Find special items to summon characters. Buy them in the store, spending currency earned during the battles. Win heroes in framework of temporary events. The higher you are able to raise the level, the more available opportunities and tools you will use. Stages gradually become more difficult, but value of rewards also increases. Get powerful cards that can make you more powerful. As soon as the level rises, it is possible to start collecting permanent teams from your friends. If you manage to win the tournament, you will get generous rewards.

The graphic component is unique and has high quality. The developers made it in an anime style with every detail carefully worked out, so overall image is beautiful and charming.

We offer you a mod that contains several useful features: god mode (hero does not take damage), weak opponents (enemies do not resist and cannot block attacks), as well as one-hit kill option (everybody dies with one hit). It is possible to select any of these parameters in special mod menu.

We have checked the functionality of KING’s RAID mod and can confirm its correct operation. Important! Do not use the mod during training, as well as during raids, otherwise it is possible to get a ban! In addition, you cannot mix Auto win with other cheats. Use rest of the mod completely freely and safely.

KING’s RAID belongs to auto battle category. This subgenre of RPGs allows you to discover, collect and level up heroes that form squads. The player does not control unit directly, but only presses the buttons activating skills and special moves. Moreover, even this function is available for auto-fight. Battles take place both against AI and real gamers. The more often the player wins, the faster he can unlock more unique characters.

There are many chances to form a universal deck of your own. It should consist of excellent heroes who can complement each other with their characteristics. Over time, you will be able to form many decks if you are eager to participate in different confrontations. Do not forget to improve them in time if you want to repulse stronger opponents.

KING’s RAID contains many tasks and missions to complete. As soon as you manage to complete something successfully, you will earn a generous prize. Sometimes rare cards come across, but usually there are ordinary bonuses or amplifiers that can help in battle. Almost main part of the focuses on different fights. You need to constantly upgrade, fight with strong rivals and much more. Go through plot tasks, trying to get a reward. Get rare cards and upgrade them with ordinary ones, increasing your skills. It takes a lot of work if you want to reach a high level. Don’t worry, you won’t be bored.

KING’s RAID certainly has some disadvantages. It is too bright and catchy, not always clear and a little monotonous in terms of battles. However, it is still worth the attention of audience, especially beginners who are just getting acquainted with auto battle genre. The project is not beginner-friendly, so you need to understand it, but it is worth it.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original KING’s RAID before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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