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Knighthood is a mobile RPG with action and tactical strategy elements from King. The game represents a long adventure in which the user has to defeat many enemies in becoming a wrath knight. A world called Astellan lies at the center of the project’s narrative. Take on the role of a rookie in Wrath Knights – organization known as defenders of oppressed and ardent opponents of evil. Unfortunately, the order fell into madness, falling under the influence of the new ruler. You have to return it to its former glory by collecting a number of ancient artifacts.

Your main task in Knighthood is to upgrade your hero, improve his combat abilities and weapons. Engage in furious battles and fight against mobs and bosses. If you want to fight with friends, then go to the arena in the Coliseum. Moreover, if you prefer games os this genre, feel free to download Murderous Pursuits. 


Knighthood is rapidly gaining popularity. Below you can find the main features of this project.

Understanding the controls and gameplay in Knighthood is a snap. If we talk about the combat system, then you can use action points at your disposal – a total of four on each turn. Each attack spends one action. You can also use combo attacks that deal additional damage. When your points run out, it is your opponent’s turn. Management comes down to pressing the touch screen. You can play with one finger if you like.

When you start Knighthood, you don’t choose a class for your character. How can you determine your purpose? The developers have come up with an interesting concept. Each hero receives class depending on his outfit. For example, the character armed with a staff or a bow can quickly retrain for ranged combat. If you have a long sword in your hands, then the character can be a melee fighter. The user can change the type of equipment at any time to switch to a different battle type. Get more sets to unlock new battle styles.

One of the main game advantages – there is something to do for both fans of story campaign and online battles. Knighthood has a separate single-player mode, during which the user can visit all the continents of Astellan, meet other knights, and learn the past of the order. When you deal with enemies, kill bosses, prove your strength, and establish yourself in the organization, you can challenge other users, as well as take part in various events. Head to the Coliseum to face off against your friends and other knights. In total, there are several modes of gameplay, so you will definitely not be bored.

Successful completion of tasks brings you rewards in form of gold, clothes and weapons. The best equipment increases the strength of your hero. You definitely will find new locations during the game. There you can find special stores to purchase parts of armor or sets for local currency. Your character has several slots for various items, such as a cloak, shoulders, weapons, gloves, cuirass, armlets, helmet, pants, as well as slots for elixirs. In addition, you can always take a backpack with you. It can fit something for which there was no place on the character’s body.

You can create your knight right after the first Knighthood launch. Choose gender, hair and skin color, additional parameters for the hero. Come up with a name and start your adventure. It is worth noting that such a detailed character creation is a rarity for mobile projects. Usually you already receive ready-made character, which is sometimes difficult to associate with yourself. There is no such problem here. You can always choose a suitable appearance for player and additional nuances.

The game features two-dimensional graphics in a very interesting and unusual style. Moreover, all the characters look appropriate and beautiful. The game’s performance doesn’t drop even under high loads because the heroes fight in almost the same arenas.

You can correct the course of battles in Knighthood using a modified version of the game. With its help, you can set the parameters of the heroes’ attack as you need. You can also activate a special function, which after turning on gives opportunity to your heroes to attack out of turn, while the opponent will stand still.

Important! Turn off the mod if you play online and participate in a battle with real players.

We tested Knighthood on our devices. Based on the results, we can confirm the correct and safe operation of the mod. After installing the game, you can see a special window where you can adjust damage parameter, as well as enable/disable the “always your turn” function.

The combat system is most similar to tactical strategy. First, the user needs to select the skills to fill several available cells. As soon as you spend them, the turn goes to your opponent. Victory goes to the one who is the first to bring the opponent’s health point counter to zero. You can combine several similar or identical skills to increase the damage to the opponent. Just click on the enemy to strike. The player has separate keys for skills.

Over time, other heroes can join the squad. They can inflict damage with the help of their abilities. Already at the training stage, an archer and a huge strongman with a hammer join you. In addition to their extras, they are capable of delivering special blows, which recharge on its own. That way, you can choose how to spend your four activities – there are plenty of options.

Players have the opportunity to unite in guilds, communicate and make new acquaintances. Team up with your friends in clans and go hunting ferocious bosses to get valuable prizes.

Knighthood is an interesting and slightly unusual project that can drag the user for several days. Turn-based battles make the game especially exciting, and unusual graphics give the project some originality. We recommend you to try our solution for even more enjoyable gameplay.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Knighthood before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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