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Last Shelter: Survival is an online strategy that immerses you into the zombie apocalypse atmosphere. Game entrusts you with the mission of reviving humanity. Experienced players are well aware of the fact that a variety of topics has long penetrated the strategy genre and significantly increased its popularity. Players plunge into fantasy worlds, futuristic universes or worlds that have undergone some cataclysm, disaster or mysterious virus. The greatest love goes to the games with zombies and bloodthirsty mutants. This is the main topic of Last Shelter: Survival from Long Tech Network Limited. Project puts on your shoulders a responsible mission to find survivors, build a shelter and extract resources. It is impossible not to mention possibility of conducting large-scale wars with participation of real players. If the zombie theme is close to you, then we suggest you to download Left to Survive and Into the Dead 2.

Read on to find out the main benefits the game has to offer you.

Last Shelter: Survival allows you to turn a small shelter at first into a real city. Develop infrastructure, your own army and a huge number of survivors. Ignore dead crowds behind your fence. Use powerful machine guns and experienced heroes who can help you deal with them. Get involved in base development so as not to need basic resources and be able to withstand any siege. Supply the city with provisions, improve infrastructure and train your army to defend against enemies.

Special attention in Last Shelter: Survival deserves an army, which consists of a variety of troops. You start with ordinary residents armed with axes and police batons, but then you already command trained attack aircraft and whole columns of military equipment. Assign certain hero to each unit to receive passive bonuses and characteristics that can favorably affect the controlled group of troops. The system of battles itself is also curious. All battles take place in real time. You can line up your units, each of which can attack the enemy on its turn. This battle system is typical for both PvE and PvP.

When you manage to repel the enemy’s attack on the city, you go to the global map of the world. Here you can see separate squads of mutants and zombies, abandoned locations and settlements of other players. For enemy’s squads, you can earn a certain amount of resources and a lot of experience for heroes. In abandoned locations, you can find valuable resources and useful items for hero equipment.  Find all sorts of bonuses, including boosters, power-ups, and more. The settlements of other players can be the greatest interest to you. Spectacular battles for an incredible amount of resources and experience await you.

Rebuild your own empire and restore the former civilization in Last Shelter: Survival. To do this, you have to unite with other players in clans and whole alliances. Capture territories and completely clear them of the infected. Help each other with resources or military caravans. If you cannot complete the mission alone, ask for help from stronger allies. Find real experts in your field among other survivors of the wasteland. Experienced advisors can help you in the development of all areas, be it the military, scientific or resource extraction industry. Upgrade your heroes, unlock new skills and become stronger.

The game features modern 3D graphics with carefully crafted character models, buildings and detailed environments. A simple control mechanism and several languages ​​available in Last Shelter: Survival allow you to integrate with gameplay realities. Move on to the systematic extraction of space for the life of your characters.

As in other strategies, in Last Shelter: Survival you need a lot of resources to improve your units and buildings. Usually, player always lacks them, but wants everything at once. For this, we bring to your attention no ads mod. With its help, you can receive a large amount of resources and rare minerals necessary for full-fledged gameplay.

We have tested the functionality of Last Shelter: Survival mod on our android devices. According to the verification results, we guarantee you its correct operation. After the first launch, you can get a huge amount of resources on your account to make the gameplay easier. Don’t worry, the modification is completely safe for your device, so you won’t have any problems. Please, note, the current version doesn’t support above-mentioned features. Follow our updates.

Last Shelter: Survival invites you to become a real strategist with a lot of things on your shoulders. In the foreground is the construction and development of a shelter represented by a fenced area in a lifeless desert. You have to build the infrastructure necessary for normal life on this territory.

Provide  population with food, water, electricity, fuel, building materials and other important resources. Gradually, high-tech buildings appear at your base. Inside, scientists research a variety of technologies that help not only the civilian population, but also the army. Be prepared for the fact that all the buildings that the game offers to build should be located on your base.

The resources in the game are common and specific. The first category includes food, water, wood and money. Oil, metal and diamonds are specific resources. Use crystals as an accelerator for construction/modernization/training. In Last Shelter: Survival any project execution needs real time.

Do sorties and attack bosses that can be located anywhere on the map. Thus, you receive unique relics, additional materials and various goodies. Regularly held events in Last Shelter: Survival can provide you with donated currency and additional boosts, such as accelerators or shields that protect you from player attacks.

Global online strategies help anyone who wants to turn into a wise ruler and a real hero who saves humanity. If you are ready to take on such responsibility, then download Last Shelter: Survival to your android device. You won’t regret.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Last Shelter: Survival before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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