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LEGO Tower is a simulator of the construction of a huge skyscraper that rises to infinity into the sky. Control life in this huge tower, design different jobs and apartments for the figures you control. Visit and see the towers of your friends and acquaintances. Trade parts with them to speed up your construction. Collect over seven hundred unique LEGO figures and find all the hidden characters. Build a skyscraper that is not visible behind the clouds. This is the best option for playing on the road, in a long queue, or when you’re bored. If you are a fan of construction, we have prepared for you FAR: Lone Sails and [3D Platformer] Super Bear Adventure.

LEGO Tower is a game that continues the thought laid down by Tiny Tower. However, it also improves all postulates in pleasant and familiar LEGO style from childhood

Remember, we all had a mustachioed man made of yellow plastic at home. We could attach him legs of any characters from Darth Vader to Spider-Man. Bring this man into your home in LEGO Tower! There are 780 different figures available to you and the list is just growing. Set up a large number of different characters in your skyscraper and control their lives! The most beloved characters from childhood, transferred from real constructors – doctors, firefighters, rescuers, athletes, etc. Gather them all in your high-rise building and arrange heavenly life for them!

Build your tower entirely from LEGO parts. Fill it with characters from the eponymous construction sets. You can create a unique floor for each floor by combining any of 107 unique elements to create a variety of flooring that mimics the real thing. Build varied and interesting rooftops using 23 specially designed parts for you. There are 13 different vehicles available to you, created with love for your characters living in a skyscraper. Use 16 different lifts that can transport your residents from one floor to another. Moreover, choose from 7 different landscapes that you can see in front of your huge tower!

Equip your skyscraper to be commercially viable, properly combine the number of residential floors that give you population with shops and entertainment centers. Give every resident dream job in your LEGO Tower and they will bring you even more profit than you can imagine. Build a variety of shops, cinemas, development and entertainment centers, cafes, and anything else you can imagine. Give your charges an ideal life. Build a skyscraper that replaces an entire city in its structure and in which you yourself would like to live!

LEGO Tower has unique graphics made in the LEGO style, evoking nostalgia and pleasant emotions. You can find here detailed character and vehicle models. Enjoy refined LEGO details and many nicely drawn backgrounds. The minimalistic style of graphics evokes pleasant emotions, and the interface pleases with its simplicity with no overload. You also won’t find a large number of menus loaded with unnecessary information. The music is simple and relaxing after a hard day, and in-game sounds don’t irritate and focus on the action.

In order to keep the tower alive in a normal way, as well as unlock the improvement of all elements and unlock all game content in LEGO Tower, you need to earn in-game currency. At the same time, in order to discover everything that the developers have added to the game for you and to improve the tower to the maximum, you have to spend a lot of time making money in the game. We give you the opportunity to get rid of grind and dull earnings by adding a mod for unlimited money in LEGO Tower. It allows you to immediately open everything that is in the game and enjoy the gameplay without thinking about how to get everything.

The LEGO Tower mod gives you unlimited money that you can use immediately after installation. Our team checked the installation file with antivirus. We find it safe and convenient, so we recommend you to try it yourself.

The gameplay in the game is quite simple and consists of building new floors, while deciding which of the different types of floors to build next, so that your solution is cost-effective and expedient. You can grow and develop with the correct tower management. Your inhabitants can always feel easy and comfortable, thanks to you as a god for what a wonderful world they live in.

LEGO Tower is an excellent representative of the genre. Made of our childhood memories the game make us happy due to special connection. Now, every child has LEGO and it’s a usual part of our lives. With this game, you can fully interact with all your favorite characters and use them as you wish. Moreover, due to the game genre and theme, we can recommend it not to only adults, but for children too.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of LEGO Tower before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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