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Lord of Heroes is an RPG that can transform you into the ruler of kingdom threatened by a conspiracy of allies. Your task is to get rid of all threats, resorting to help of the best hero team. We are talking about a delightful RPG with a story full of intrigue and memorable characters. Instead of saving the world from evil enemies, this RPG game asks you to take care of your kingdom. During the battles in Lord of Heroes, you have to fight enemies in turn. When it is the turn of one of your heroes, you can choose what opponent to attack using special skills. If you prefer unusual RPGs with a turn-based combat system and branched leveling of characters, then be sure to download this game. We also recommend you Bless Mobile and Titan Quest: Legendary Edition.

Lord of Heroes has already over 1 million downloads on Google Play. Join you too.

Gameplay of Lord of Heroes is familiar to all those who have already tried to play turn-based RPGs on mobile devices. There is a huge story campaign to make you and your heroes wander into every corner of the living world. Transfer your squad to the levels by viewing the global world map divided into separate regions, each of which includes many areas. You have to get into each of these areas in order to fight enemies and find new heroes for your party.

Each level offers you to fight with three waves of enemies. Usually, third wave features either a very strong opponent or a full-fledged boss. Gradually, you will discover expeditions, trials, dungeons and much more. Such sub-modes bring not only for variety, but also allow obtaining unique types of in-game currency.

Battle system of Lord of Heroes introduces you to balanced turn-based system. Each character can take actions strictly on the turn. Interestingly, each character has a number of unique abilities here. Moreover, heroes also have an ultimate ability, which use always launches a beautiful video. Be prepared for the fact that after defeating the first wave, nobody will restore health of your characters automatically. If the hero dies in battle, then he may lose the reward in form of experience, so you should definitely have a support hero in squad who has the ability to heal allies.

Lord of Heroes divides characters into classes, elemental and geographic origin. In the process of buying new hero, you can find out where he comes from, what ability he has and so on. You can get a character during the storyline, buy it in the game store or complete some kind of contract to attract a unique fighter to your side. Now there are many heroes in the game, but it is quite difficult to get the most powerful characters. You need to save up a rare currency for a long time or make a donation. Fortunately, there is no urgent need to purchase such characters.

The main advantage of Lord of Heroes is that it is ready to offer users an extremely interesting story filled with cutscenes, dialogues and decision moments a. It is worth noting the presence of author’s drawing, which focuses on epic nature and cool heroes. During the battles, warlike music plays here, which only emphasizes everything that happens on the screen.

Lord of Heroes quickly acquired an army of fans, as its scale and unique author’s style of graphics simply made the project very popular. These and many other positive qualities helped the game to achieve more than one million downloads in a short time. However, users noted the donation problem. It is possible to purchase the best heroes only for a large amount of game currency. Now you can forget this problem, because you can download our unlimited money mod.

We have tested Lord of Heroes for the convenience of our valued visitors. Our editorial stuff can confirm that mod works perfectly without any complaints. By installing it, you can get unlimited supply of funds on your account. At the same time, we want to note that our solution may not work on some devices or it may not work stably, since developers try to prevent unfair play constantly.

The main essence in Lord of Heroes comes down to saving the planet from evil. Take on the role of leader for heroes ready to challenge this very evil. As you progress through the story campaign, you encounter various creatures and their overlords. Some opponents here can even become your faithful companions if you defeat them in battle.

Project offers unusual upgrading system that cannot limit your decisions in any way. For example, you can completely forget about any hero, wasting all resources on the development of other characters. You can also find here a huge amount of different equipment with improvement options as you progress through the story. Developer also note that you don’t need to spend many hours for tangible progress in the reviewed game. Various mini-tasks, campaign stages and regular bonuses can help you gain experience and earn money at any given time.

Lord of Heroes is one of the best classic RPG games for smartphones. Flexible pumping system, variety of characters and beautiful video inserts can guarantee this project almost the highest score!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Lord of Heroes before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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