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Lustful Shores is a tower-defense strategy game with very beautiful graphics, anime style characters and a lot of explicit content, which puts the game in the category for adult players. Warlock, using an army of monsters, conquers one territory after another. The main character with his squad tried to eliminate him, but failed. Miraculously surviving, he, pursued by monsters, fled to a remote island. Local warriors vitally need a skilled commander in every sense to cope with the evil warlock. Your main task is to place the towers wisely on the location and not let the enemy pass. If you successfully complete the task, then at the level end your sweet reward awaits in the person of a charming Amazon.

Find out the main features of this great game below.

Lustful Shores offers the player an exciting storyline with dozens of challenges. Start simple by building a couple of towers and stopping a few small enemies, and end with epic battles against hordes of enemies. Complete all levels gradually on your way to extraterrestrial pleasure with beauties.

With the help of towers, you defend against the invasion of enemies in Lustful Shores. Place structures on the map wisely, so that towers could deal maximum damage. Unlock all new types of guns for better extermination of the enemy. In total, the game has dozens of tower types, each with its own advantages and features. Don’t forget that this or that tower can be more effective for different types of enemies.

In addition to towers, you also have magical skills at your disposal, which you can use for defense. Start with a banal fireball, and then upgrade yourself up with such epic perks as chain lightning and cyclone. Choose the area where you want to hit with magic and inflict damage. However, be careful! In Lustful Shores, you can use the skill a limited number of times per battle. These skills have a cooldown, so approach them responsibly and carefully.

Since you arrived on the island to protect local girls from the invasion of evil forces, they will reward you using their gorgeous bodies. Explore interesting locations with enjoyable gameplay, and then go into the arms of beautiful women, enjoying the most revealing poses. There are about a dozen different women in Lustful Shores eager to reward their savior.

So that the player doesn’t get bored, the developers have introduced a bunch of different enemies into the game, each of which has its own characteristics. There are both fast enemies, who have few lives, and slow, but very tenacious enemies. Flying and crawling units, ranged and melee opponents. In a word, various enemies, for which it is necessary to select a unique strategy to win a battle. Moreover, there are bosses in Lustful Shores that wait for the hero at the end of each campaign.

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Lustful Shores has nice three-dimensional graphics and all the special effects. All erotic scenes are very bright and detailed. The sound in the game has also high quality. In general, excellent graphics and sound help the gamer to immerse even more in the warlike and erotic atmosphere of the game.

Lustful Shores is not on Google Play as the game has 18+ restriction, but you can download its modified version and gain access to unlimited money. This way, you can easily access the best weapons and magic to destroy all your enemies.

We have tested Lustful Shores on our android devices. Based on the results, we guarantee you high-quality work of the mod for unlimited money.

How the mod works: After installing the modified version of the game, you need to start a new campaign. You can buy any tower for at least 60 coins and immediately sell it for 21 thousand coins. Thus, you have the opportunity to receive almost unlimited money amount through small manipulations with the towers.

Overall, the gameplay is very smooth and enjoyable. In the first few missions, you can use detailed tips, so you shouldn’t have any questions about the gameplay. After completing several tasks, you can surely understand what is required of you and how best to place the towers for maximum effect.

The erotic scenes, which are the main feature of the game, deserve special mention. These scenes can become an additional incentive for playthrough. Others may be more indifferent to them. We should note that all the girls in the game are extremely attractive, appearing before the player in various poses.

Lustful Shores performs two functions at once. This is an educational game where you need to use your brains, placing towers and buying weapons for them. At the same time, this project can attract with its erotic content. This game is the best solution if you want to relax after a hard day and have a good time.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Lustful Shores before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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