Mafia City Mod APK (Unlimited Gold/Coins) 1.5.529

Mafia City is a massive multiplayer strategy game that has gained popularity among millions of players around the world. Organize your own gang, hire bandits from other groups and create your own clan with other players. Buy weapons and cars, chat with the most beautiful women and take everything you can reach into your own hands. Mafia City allows you to be the boss who can do anything. However, do not forget that there are similar sharks around. One careless action can be your last. Always think about the future of your gang. Expand your base and conduct outlaw operations, trade weapons on black market and develop a network of connections. Only the strongest can become the head of criminal city. We also recommend you check out Random Dice: PvP Defense and League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Games on mafia theme are famous all over the world and now it is time for Android devices. We present you the main features of this strategy.

Gangster world of Mafia City includes four clans. Let us consider them in more detail.

The advantage of any mobile strategy is that there is no need to delve too deeply into the gameplay. In fact, these games are analogous to numerous farms and Mafia City is no exception. However, here you can enjoy non-standard setting for this genre. It is one thing to lead a civilization or tribe to victory, and it is quite another to lead a mafia clan! There are not so many games with such a setting and if we talk about strategies, there are almost none at all. Playing Mafia City is very easy. You don’t need to think over every move, as in classic strategies. In fact, you only need to visit the game a couple of times per day and give various orders related to base development of building construction. It is also possible to earn daily rewards, completed quests and other regular missions.

In addition to standard mechanics, authors of Mafia City introduced an additional one that is associated with beautiful girls called babies. They can boost your income or other characteristics. However, in order to receive bonuses, you need to guess diamond placement under glasses for several times. Total number of attempts is limited, so you cannot receive bonuses endlessly. At the same time, it is impossible to keep track of glasses movements – everything happens too quickly. So getting improvements from babes is a lottery.

Developers preserved all mafia aesthetics in Mafia City at its best – from graphics and styling to dialogues. We can surely praise this game for its deeply developed setting, as well as atmosphere.

We bring to your attention our mod that can provide you with access to unlimited amount of gold and coins.

Our team have tested Mafia City and its mod for unlimited money. Everything works fine without complaints. By entering the game, you get unlimited amount of gold and coins on your account, which you can use for purchasing various improvements. For example, hire new people to join your gang or construct new buildings. Please note that our modification may not work on some devices, but we are working on solution to this problem. Follow our updates.

As with any strategy, you need to find a place for your base, rebuild and develop it. For this purpose, you can use any villa you like. Just kick out it owners and equip your new life. Don’t forget to hire some thugs. Now you can start your difficult and thorny path to the world of thieves and murderers.

Criminal world is subject to strict rules. Each clan wants to see its representative at the head of city. After all, this promises great privileges. Therefore, you need to strengthen your rear and start your way to the top of gangster world. Use negotiations, threats and murders to move up official ladder of Mafia City. This game can perfectly help players to fill their blood with adrenaline.

We should note that normal development requires some resources. You can replenish its number with the help of warehouses full of useful things. Empty them to the delight of your thugs. The more difficult the battle the more advanced gangsters you need to take on. You can raise money for training with help of your restaurant business and real estate.

Mafia City is an original game with a fascinating storyline. Main advantages of this masterpiece include excellent graphics and sophisticated gameplay. We definitely recommend it to play.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Mafia City before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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