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Magic Tiles 3 is the continuation of the cult games series from the developers of AMANOTES PTE LTD. This is one of the favorite games for music connoisseurs, and in the new version, the gamers will delight the next portion of tracks of a wide variety of genres. Your task is to become a real pianist in order to hit the keys that pop up on the screen in time. Choose a song and perform it on the piano.

Watch keys on the screen, which you need to press in a timely manner. The further you go, the more difficult the task becomes, because the speed increases, and you need to press more keys at the same time. Plunge into the melodious world of Magic Tiles 3 and enjoy a variety of music, while improving your reaction. Feel like a true keyboard master as you play the most challenging tracks with delicate finger movements.

Sure, the Magic Tiles series needs no further introduction, but if you hesitate, we will tell you what’s new in this part of the game.

If in childhood, you missed music school and never learned to play any of the musical instruments, this is not a big deal, as in our age of advanced technologies you can fill this gap even in a mobile game. With the possibilities offered by Magic Tiles 3, you can feel like a virtuoso of playing keyboard instruments, and at the same time, you have a chance to play not only classics, but also modern tracks.

There is a huge variety of different music in the game, and you will surely like many of the tracks, so you can always add them to your track list to enjoy after playing. Discover all the new songs, explore the world of music and look at it in a new way, while enjoying the exciting gameplay. Play the latest and most popular music tracks, or choose classics and play melodies of Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninoff and other great composers.

The developers have brought into the game thousands of songs from a wide variety of genres so that Magic Tiles 3 could appeal to all players without exception. You have the opportunity to select songs from a dozen genres: Pop, EDM, Folk, Chill, Indie, Hip-Hop, Dance, Country, Rock, Jazz, RnB, Blues, Classical, Latin, House and Soul. Each genre provides you with tens, hundreds, and in some genres, thousands of songs that you can play and enjoy at the same time.

Everyone’s favorite battles with other players have not gone anywhere. You can fight live rivals in the battle mode, where you and three other people compete to see who can score more points by performing specific music. Use quick reaction and accuracy of hitting the keys. If you are confident in your abilities, then feel free to try this mode. You can play both for rating and just a friendly match.

Magic Tiles 3 has a pleasant style. During the walkthrough, you will encounter different backgrounds and key types you need to press, which brings even more variety to the game. Thanks to the small game size and its high-quality optimization, almost everyone can enjoy it.

There is no need to talk about the sound component, because this is the main aspect of the game! Perhaps this series can claim to be the most melodic among all games for Android, because where else can you find thousands of modern and classic tracks in excellent quality?

The game is free to play, but to enjoy all the songs you need a VIP status, which you can buy with coins and crystals. However, using the modified version, you may receive an unlimited amount of money in your account. In addition, you will immediately receive a VIP status, which means that thousands of songs available in VIP mode will be open to you.

We have personally tested Magic Tiles 3. Based on the results, we can guarantee correct operation of unlimited money mod and VIP status. You only need to install a modified version with no other manipulations. VIP status allows you to open many tracks inaccessible to an ordinary gamer, and you can always continue the game free from the moment where you failed.

Magic Tiles 3 also has a bonus level system where you can receive gifts for completing tasks. The essence of the task is to score a certain number of points by playing songs. If you lose three times, you will have to wait to try your hand again. However, you can receive gifts during normal play: they often appear in fields, next to the black keys. You need to have time to react and click on the icon with a gift in order to take it.

Despite the mod availability, in the free version to open all the tracks, you need to go through the previous levels and collect experience, since many songs become available only after reaching a certain level.

Magic Tiles 3 is an excellent representative of its musical series. More tracks, more genres, more fun and excitement for your ears. Immerse yourself in this beautiful sounding world with a thousand tunes for every taste and listen only to good music. If you like not only playing piano but sing, then you can try cool singing app Smule. 

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Magic Tiles 3 before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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