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Manor Matters is an action-adventure game from the developers of Playrix. You have to go to the mysterious Castlewood mansion and unravel the tangled story of the disappearance. Advance through a fascinating plot, complete tasks and get closer to solving the main mystery. Complete various levels, and at the same time search for objects in special scenes to earn stars to continue the story. Meet some interesting and charismatic characters who can directly influence the story course and help you on your journey. Before we start, check out the exciting logic game Brain Out and amazing RPG project Knighthood.

Manor Matters won’t leave you indifferent. Don’t believe us? Then we will tell you more.

An important part of the gameplay is the collection and search of various objects in picturesque places. You have a certain amount of time and a few things to find in the picture. Initially, the tasks are simple, but as you progress, the quests become more difficult. Developers provided hints to make it easier for you, . Magnifying glass indicates the position of one of the necessary items, target immediately adds the item to the list of found items, while hourglass increases the limit of time available to you. Use your tips wisely as they are not endless.

The main action of Manor Matters takes place in an old huge mansion. Your hero have to explore it fully. At the same time, you can upgrade your designer skills, choosing stylish furniture for rooms and decorating the interior of the premises. You always have three types of specific furniture to choose.  You can put it in to make the gloomy stately mansion a little more modern. Choose, move and decorate. Players always can find something interesting to do in Manor Matters.

The plot of Manor Matters is that you receive a message from the assistant of missing billionaire Burke. He disappeared without a trace in the Castlewood mansion, and you go there to solve this strange mystery. Mysticism begins from the very beginning, when upon arrival you see an ominous monster in the house window. Then the series of oddities doesn’t stop, but everything only becomes more confusing.

You never know what’s in store for the next minute in Manor Matters. From the very beginning, the game gives you several riddles, and in the future, their number only increases. It’s up to you to solve all these puzzles. The owner of the mansion disappeared, leaving only hints of some treasures. Therefore, in addition to restoring the house, the new owner should also try to find these jewels. All-important events occurring in the plot you can find in the notes section. Thus, you can always compare the facts and come to the correct conclusion by carefully rereading all your entries.

Manor Matters has nice and colorful graphics. In addition, the game has many cut-scenes that can delight gamers with their elaboration. During the game, you can enjoy pleasant and at the same time mysterious music, perfect for what is happening on the screen.

We suggest you to take advantage of unlimited stars feature while playing Manor Matters. During the gameplay, your hero needs to perform certain actions: go somewhere, move something, open, close, and so on. All these actions require stars and initially you have only 25 of them.

Usual game version features following rule: the stars end after performing several actions. In order to replenish its balance, you need to participate in hidden object tasks. Searching for items for too long won’t work, because this is a waste of energy, which supply is not unlimited. Therefore, you can simply run out of energy and after that you need to wait or pay your money. However, after downloading the mod, you receive unlimited amount of stars to play as much time as you want.

We have tested Manor Matters for our website users. Based on the results, we confirm that the mod for unlimited stars works and it is safe. Just download the modified version to your Android device and immediately get access to all its features.

The game has separation into days, during which you must complete the assigned tasks. As you complete the tasks, you fill special scale that shows when the next gift will become available. You can receive up to three gifts in one day.

You can find all assignments and notes in a special journal, so you don’t miss anything. All tasks require a certain number of stars. Thus, in the normal version of the game, the user must maintain a balance between energy and stars. You don’t have to worry about this with our mod.

If you love classic casual games, then we strongly recommend you to download Manor Matters on your Android device. This is a high-quality game of this genre, because the authors have a lot of experience behind.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Manor Matters before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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