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Matchland – Build your Theme Park is a casual arcade game where you can find addicting match-3 puzzles. Use many interior and exterior items to decorate the once beautiful park, now completely abandoned. After its previous owners abandoned the park, it fell into disrepair, became dirty and destroyed. However, now you are the new owner. Together with your faithful assistant Betty, you must return this place to its former beauty and grandeur. If you like projects of this genre, then try Lily’s Garden. For those who prefer design games, we recommend Redecor.

Matchland – Build your Theme Park will appeal to both kids and adults. We will try to prove it to you in our new review.

You have at your disposal a fairly large area, a variety of materials, coatings, fountains, attractions, establishments, as well as plants and decorations for the park. Decorate the territory to your taste, equip it and solve the secrets and mysteries of this place. Each place you can improve by choosing among three decorations to choose. For example, you have to install one of three types of fountains or to design an attraction in one style or another. Sometimes there is also a fourth premium option to choose from, which is more expensive than the rest.

In order for you to have the energy to carry out certain works on the park, according to the plot of Matchland – Build your Theme Park, you need to participate in mini-games. The essence of this puzzle is very simple – just swap the stones, make them three or more in a row, and clear the playing field. Usually the task is to knock out stones of a certain color in a limited number of moves. There are tasks for a while. The developers have introduced various bonuses for easier levels completing. You can make a cracker from four stones or dynamite from five. The most powerful is the bomb, which allows you to clear literally half of the entire playing field. In addition, there are other boosters in the game, allowing, for example, to remove stones of the same color or to destroy one element of your choice that interferes with you the most.

In addition to your personal assistant Betty, during the walkthrough of Matchland – Build your Theme Park you meet other interesting characters, each of which have their own story and, possibly, even several additional tasks for you. Learn the history of an abandoned park, explore an old house located in the reserve, and figure out how to revive the park and make it reopen to guests and everyone.

Matchland – Build your Theme Park is a beautiful game that definitely has its advantages. Locations in the game greet you with colorful flowers. Despite the abandoned park, the scenery doesn’t look scary – on the contrary, the project is very user-friendly. The entire interior and decor is well designed and made with a very high quality. In addition, during the walkthrough, you can hear relaxing music, and during match-3 games, you can enjoy funny sound effects.

Players have only five lives to play puzzles in Matchland – Build your Theme Park. Every action of the hero requires him to spend a star. We bring to your attention a mod where stars and lives are unlimited. Play as much as you want! You can also skip the match-3 games and focus on building and improving your theme park. The choice is yours.

Based on the results of checking functionality of modified version of Matchland – Build your Theme Park, we can confirm that the mod is working properly without any complaints. In addition, the game is completely safe for your android device. We did not find any antiviruses during a thorough analysis. Immediately after installing the modification, you get access to unlimited lives and stars.

The plot of the game lies in the fact that you became the owner of a huge territory, where a gorgeous park was once located. Now its inhabitants have long abandoned it. You, guided by the tips of Betty, begin his resuscitation, and in parallel, you complete tasks match-3 mini-games.

The game also has various mini-games that become available to the hero as the story progresses. If you successfully complete the task, you receive a unique reward that can help you on your further adventure.

Matchland – Build your Theme Park is another masterpiece of its genre from the developers. It appeal to gamers of all ages, as it features beautiful graphics, addictive gameplay, and an interesting plot.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Matchland – Build your Theme Park before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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