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Mergical is a fun casual game with simple gameplay that lets you enjoy the game without any worries. Power of music led you to a mysterious island plunged into sleep due to an ancient wizard spell. Use synthesis and puzzle solving to restore life on the island and build your true paradise on Earth. By synthesizing a new one from any three elements, you can improve the state of affairs on the island and open everything that is available in the game. Also, check out Survival RPG 3 and casual Gacha Life.

Solve many interesting puzzles iIn Mergical, while improving everything you see.

With such a thing as synthesis, you can have a completely new gaming experience. Synthesis is the merging of any three elements of the game into a newer and improved version of them. For example, you can make a tree out of three bushes, and you can turn three ordinary non-professional gardeners into one true master of their craft. Due to this state of affairs, you can improve everything that you see on your screen and build a real paradise on an abandoned island. Improve everything in Mergical, look for new game objects and do not forget to return to the old ones. Only then, the sleepy and forgotten land will transform before your eyes and bloom again.

A large number of adventures and puzzles are available to you from the very beginning of your path in Mergical. All puzzles are original and make you wonder how to go through them. Moreover, all this is part of some kind of gaming adventures and one big one, which is the game itself. Don’t stop and solve all the tasks that the authors have set for you, collect old books and amazing musical instruments. Complete all quests for three stars out of three and become the chief of this sleepy island! Awaken all the locations of this time-lost land and get your hands on a real land of bliss in the ocean of silence!

Once upon a time, a not very kind wizard cast a spell on the island, which put everything that was on the island and its surroundings to sleep. The once prosperous and most beautiful city on earth hides now behind a huge amount of thick clouds. By chance, thanks to the power of music, you stumbled upon this piece of land in the middle of the water with some unimaginable island. Now, using your synthesis skills and solving complex intellectual problems, you can awaken this lost land and restore its former greatness, lost in sleep and time. Collect unusual plants and flowers, upgrade characters, beautiful buildings, houses and amusement parks. Awaken many unusual cute magical creatures.

The graphics in Mergical have a beautiful cartoon style that evokes affection and positive emotions. Game has well-designed environment and locations. Beautiful backgrounds, sustained style and colors perfectly selected in every element of the game can surely make you smile. The music in the game is rather laconic, but at the same time “warms the ears and heart”, highlighting exactly those aspects of the game during which it sounds. The interface isn’t overloaded with unnecessary elements and only helps you during the gameplay.

You need to expend energy to perform any action in Mergical. If you failed to do something the first time, you have to wait for the restoration of such a precious resource for a certain time. In addition, to open many elements of the game and improve them, you have to save money and make in-game purchases for a long time. We can relieve you of all these aspects thanks to the free shopping mod and lots of energy at Mergical.

Mergical mod gives you a unique opportunity to play without stopping, since now your hero’s energy never runs out. Buy whatever you want, because now all purchases are unlocked for you. At the same time, the game doesn’t become dangerous for your device – we checked everything using various antivirus utilities.

The gameplay in the game is quite simple, but interesting. By synthesizing three elements, you can create one improved one, and this is the main mechanic of the game. You can improve not only some objects, but characters as well. Due to this mechanic, you constantly grow in the game. In addition, a large part of the game comes down to completing quests and solving various puzzles.

Mergical is a very interesting casual game with new game mechanics and interesting puzzles.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Mergical before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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