Mighty DOOM Mod APK (No Ads/Built-in Cache) 0.7.2

Mighty DOOM is a shooter from the famous developers Bethesda Softworks. The project is a bit like another popular game in this genre – Archero. A huge number of enemies are waiting for you in various arenas. The entire project provides players with top view gameplay, while the main character, Doom Slayer, seeks to restore justice. It is possible to play Mighty DOOM with just one hand, making it ideal for casual mobile gaming. Game takes place in a harsh fantasy world full of monsters and dangerous traps. The whole gameplay here is associated with constant survival. The project is a real gift for those who love the complexity and variability of passing in games. We also recommend you to download Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!

Bethesda Softworks is famous for its The Elder Scrolls series, as well as re-releases of the DOOM series for Android. The studio’s new project promises to be very interesting as well.

Completing of each level in Mighty DOOM comes down to destruction of all enemies in the location. There are many monsters here. Each enemy has its own unique attack and different health reserves. Every tenth stage involves a boss fight. Gain experience after successfully clearing a location. Upon reaching the level, you have to choose one of three random abilities. This can be an increase in the level of health, rate of fire, damage, addition of special attack modifiers and so on. Meet an angel who can give you a unique ability or give you complete healing. Every successfully completed level also brings you coins, which are the main in-game currency here.

Main menu of Mighty DOOM includes equipment tab and hero’s talent tree. It is noteworthy that talents are unlocked randomly after pressing the corresponding button. Talents are relevant regardless of the number of failed attempts during the gameplay. The bonus you receive from pumping always has an effect. Equipment menu allows you to equip your hero with rare and useful items that increase the maximum number of health points, damage, movement speed and so on. You can get things from chests or by exchanging equipment scrolls found at levels. Weapons and armor have own gradations. There are common, rare, and epic items here.

Mighty DOOM gameplay is a great choice for those gamers who love hardcore and deep character leveling, which requires some knowledge of game mechanics. The entire gameplay includes several chapters that take you back to different worlds. Each chapter consists of fifty or more levels, which passing brings you to the next chapter. An important feature is that you need to complete all fifty levels at one time. Any mistake may lead to starting the entire playthrough over.

The visual range in the application has high quality, as developers used modern technologies and skillfully drawn both models and animation. There are more than enough types of enemies within the gameplay. Despite the fact that the game world is narrowed down to a linear corridor, it is interesting to watch the change of scenery.

At the time of this writing, Mighty DOOM is in a closed beta test, so not everyone can download it from the Play Market. In addition, you may have difficulty installing a project on a device, since it takes up a lot of hard disk space and requires a separate installation of the cache. In order to make it more convenient for you, we offer to download the game with a built-in cache and install the project on your device with just one click.

Main hero of Mighty DOOM is Mini Doom Slayer, who walks from room to room and automatically fires at opponents that come across in his way. The entire process of gaming has a top view, so you can think over tactics, which is very convenient. You can immediately see all the opponents, as well as obstacles that easily become shelters for us. The hero has a certain number of lives. In addition, there are thorns that we recommend to avoid, as they decrease health points.

Besides killing monsters, you have the opportunity to upgrade your hero. He has an experience bar, which gradually fills up. Upon completion of this scale, there is an option to choose one of three available additional talents. For example, arrows can ricochet from opponents or pierce them through. Some talents give a small chance of killing an enemy with one shot.

You can also increase the maximum number of hit points for your character in Mighty DOOM. However, keep in mind – you cannot restore the scale. In order to replenish health, you must either go through the rooms or meet a special character that occasionally appears on the way. In addition, it is possible to choose an improvement for main hero – increasing the maximum health scale or instant healing.

Once lives run out, you can continue playing for crystals, which are always in short supply. Alternatively, it is possible to start over. The rooms change with each new playthrough, so gameplay experience will always be new. The more experience – the higher the player’s level, which gives him new gaming opportunities.

Every game that combines several popular genres is a great success. Mighty DOOM has all the chances for this. The project from famous developers is still only gaining momentum, but it can become a real breakthrough in the android games market.

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