Mini World: Block Art Mod APK (Money/Built-in Cache) 0.53.14

Mini World: Block Art is an entertaining simulation game that closely overlaps with the adventure and sandbox genre, released by MiniPlay Inc. This game resembles the famous world of Minecraft, but the main difference between them is a free platform that allows you to play and develop without additional investments. A bright, mysterious universe full of mysteries, unusual places and encourages seeking adventure. It is impossible to do without diligence, patience, tactics and battles with monsters. Be careful! After all, your life is under threat even at night. Gather your own will into a fist and survive in a large-scale universe. We also advise you to download Roblox.

Mini World: Block Art has gained immense popularity in a couple of years with more than 50 million downloads. Moreover, the game’s rating is quite solid 4.3 points. All the details are in our review.

The gameplay of Mini World: Block Art, as you might have guessed, comes down to the concept of blocks. Buildings, landscape details, minerals – everything is made of characteristic blocks. Traditionally, you play the role of a creator who transforms everything around him with his own hands. A simple pile of clay can become a full-fledged home, while deposit of iron ore can be a deadly weapon. The freedom of action allows you to destroy everything that is around you and create something beautiful with the resources obtained.

The developers of Mini World: Block Art note that the game has more than five thousand different elements to interact in one way or another. You, like the world around you, do not have to stand still. Start with primitive pickaxe and hammer and move on to modern tools and various machines. However, you need to create everything yourself. Find help in creating things by the crafting menu, which in an extremely convenient form shows what to combine among things in your inventory. All this looks quite exciting on paper, but everything is much more interesting in the game.

Choose any of the suggested modes to suit your mood: survival, creation or mini-game. They include a series of original tasks related to various active or logical tasks. For example, parkour or puzzle. Nothing is impossible with the terrain editor built into Mini World: Block Art! Survival mode allows players to collect resources, build shelter, tools and fight for the safety of own lives.

Having accumulated a sufficient amount of resources, go to explore the wild world with your friends. Explore huge, mysterious caves, feed pandas in bamboo forests, or stage a thrilling battle with a black dragon in the underworld. This mode makes it easy to get used to, so learn the game mechanics and immerse yourself in the world of great adventures.

For those interested in multiplayer, Mini World: Block Art offers this opportunity. When connected to online mode, players will be able to communicate, invite friends to competitions in funny mini-games and joint efforts to achieve goals. Unite in the face of danger or stand on opposite sides of the barricades. Interact with other players, follow other people’s achievements and download author’s maps. You can also share your own work by showing it to the whole world!

Do you dream of an old giant city with towers or unforgettable resort in the Bamboo Mountains? Are you interested in adventures in mysterious castles in the air, farms with mysterious creatures hidden from the eyes of others? Now you can make your dream come true! Just go to the unlimited creation mode to do this.

Mini World: Block Art features charming 3D graphics that are pixelated. All objects in the application are detailed, and the monsters, although they look charming, are actually very dangerous. Remember, staying alive is the number one challenge.

Mini World: Block Art will delight users with its entertaining gameplay, but there is one problem – players have to install the application cache separately from the main file. Such an action causes difficulties, and as a result, many users simply cannot install the game on their smartphone. In order to prevent this from happening, we recommend you to download a mod with a built-in cache. Therefore, you do not have to rack your brains over moving the cache file. Do it all with one click!

Mini World: Block Art menu greets you with the creation of a character. Wide customization options help you make your own unique hero, recognized at every corner. You can create a separate character for each individual game world. Convenient buttons “save” and “load” will help you not to lose and not get confused in a heap of worlds and heroes.

The first run of the game is accompanied by a proposal to create a training world. This mode shows you all the main aspects of the sandbox. Next, you have a choice: play yourself and explore the rich functionality of Mini World: Block Art or break into multiplayer and join the large community of the project. Single-player mode involves the choice of sub-modes: survival and construction. After choosing a sub-mode, you can customize the world the way you want it to be. The following settings are available in total:

Each of the settings items has its own settings, so you can stay in the world editor for a whole hour. All parameters of the world are limited only by your imagination. The situation with the multiplayer mode is a little more complicated. Here you are not be able to create your personal server with a set of rules you like, but only connect to the already created one.

Dedicated servers of Mini World: Block Art provide you with opportunity to not only survive and build, but also participate in hostilities against other gamers. Minerals and territory are not endless, so you have to fight for every piece of land. There are also servers with puzzle elements where you need to get out of the dark labyrinths of dungeons and caves. Every day there are new servers that offer gamers different modes and themes.

Fans of creating their own world will love Mini World: Block Art, as the game includes gradual development, interesting tasks, collecting resources and confronting monsters. The universe is as unpredictable as the real world. It is unknown what awaits gamers at night or during the day, because everyone can be in danger even at home. We definitely advise you to familiarize yourself with the project if you have not already done so!

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