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Mr Ninja is another successful time killer from Lion Studios. Try on a ninja costume and become the most silent and ruthless assassin. Your task is to clear the levels from dangerous criminals one by one. In doing so, you need to eliminate targets without harming ordinary citizens and hostages. Go through hundreds of different levels, destroy thousands of opponents and go unnoticed. If you like such games, then you can also download Hunter Assasin – a game with similar gameplay and stealth mode. For lovers of adventures we can also offer Hidden City. 

Read on to find out the key features of this game project.

When you first launch Mr Ninja – Slicey Puzzles, it involuntarily makes you remember the famous slasher Fruit Ninja. Years ago, you had to cut the maximum amount of fruit in a certain amount of time. Now, the game mechanics have changed a bit. Your main task now is to eliminate criminals and rescue hostages through various tricks. You have to cut a rope somewhere, drop a heavy stone or even blow up an explosive box. There are no limits in time, only a limited number of attempts.

As we said above, you have only a few opportunities to destroy all opponents on the level. This is why you must calculate all your moves ahead of time. Not all elements of the environment are available for interaction. The developers have created various obstacles for you. Nevertheless, you won’t find impenetrable levels in Mr Ninja. You may have to adjust a little, but it’s all a matter of time.

In addition to passing the game, players have the opportunity to customize the main character through a variety of skins. You can unlock new skins for in-game currency or receive as a reward for completing levels. In addition to appearance, players can change their primary weapons. Weapons won’t give any concessions while playing the game as developers created them specifically for additional interaction.

It is a classic arcade game and there is no multiplayer mode and need for a constant Internet connection. Therefore, you get the opportunity to play Mr Ninja – Slicey Puzzles almost anywhere. The only thing that can limit you is only the battery power of your device. On the way home from work, during a long trip, and even during a break, you can always try on the ninja appearance.

We can hardly call Mr Ninja a technically complex project, so the graphics here fade into the background. Given that the gameplay is considered a key aspect of the game, you don’t need to expect much from the graphics component. Even though there are three-dimensional effects, you can see what is happening on the level from one side only. As for the soundtrack, players can hear explosions of bombs, screams of enemies, and whistle of a sharp sword. Gameplay also includes hurricane soundtrack that won’t bother even after 300 levels.

We have already said that Mr Ninja – Slicey Puzzles has a special store where you can buy new costumes and weapons for your character. Although the need to visit this section is not always justified, eventually you will want to update the appearance of your hero. On our website, you can download a modified version of the game that provides you free access to all skins and weapons inside in-game store.

Our team was able to test the mod on several Android devices. Based on the results, we can guarantee its operability and safety. You don’t need to perform any additional actions after starting the game. All declared features are available literally from the first level.

Every level in Mr Ninja allows you to show off your art by killing enemies with just a few hits. Over time, the number of hits decreases, and the enemies only increase. The player needs to contrive in every possible way to earn at least one star for completed level.

Speaking of the stars. You receive stars for completing any location. The meaning of the award is simple. The fewer hits you do with a sword to clear the level, the more stars and money you get. New locations in the game open in exchange for the stars. For example, if you want to open a new location, you need to collect 45 stars of 60 possible at the previous location.

Any level in Mr Ninja – Slicey Puzzles boils down to the destruction of all opponents in the allotted number of attempts. For example, you have 6 opponents per level, 2 turns and a box of explosives. You need to try eliminate in such a way that the explosion could destroy as many enemies as possible. Moreover, you have to resort to such tricks at every level.

Mr Ninja is the perfect deal for those who just want to kill 15 minutes of their time. The game doesn’t pretend on more. However, you will clearly want to keep this game on your device thanks to the addictive gameplay that don’t get boring even after hours of playing. Such games should be in collection of any self-respecting gamer.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Mr Ninja before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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