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Murderous Pursuits is a game released on PC and now appeared on smartphones by well-known Chinese company Netease Games. The project mechanics are great for mobile gaming. It consists in finding the right target in a crowd of random people using the skills of your character. At the same time, it is important not to reveal yourself ahead of time – this is fraught with failure. It is the essence of the gameplay. However, developers have added many additional features that allow you to diversify the gameplay and find your goal faster. The more opportunities and abilities the characters have, the more buttons are required to control.

Keep reading and learn about all the benefits that Murderous Pursuits has to offer.

The main goal is simple: you need to find your target. Moreover, the goal can be both the victim that you want to kill or the killer, who is already hunting you. It is important to find the killer before he recognizes you. In this case, he can be stunned. Stunning and killing are the same operations. You can erase the difference between these roles over time. However, first impressions about the game are unforgettable.

The general atmosphere also plays a significant role. The authors chose the Victorian style for the Murderous Pursuits and all the action takes place on the ship of the same time. Accordingly, all passengers look in the style of those times and so does the entire entourage. If this style is to your liking, then you will want to stay here for a long time.

Players have a special scale to find the target. It indicates the direction and approximate location of the desired character. If he is nearby, you must figure him out. Attacking the wrong victim is fraught with sanctions. There is a special skill in Murderous Pursuits you can use to calculate the victim or killer accurately. It highlights the desired hero if he is nearby. After that, it remains only to go up to him and press the hit button.

All players have a Visibility Score. If you stand out from the crowd, then visibility increases – when it reaches its maximum, your target begins to see you and can identify you. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to get up in special places: in a crowd of people, card players, near paintings and so on. Your character should behave according to the chosen location to decrease his visibility.

If you try to hit someone in the presence of a police officer performing his task, the game will over for you, as he can arrest your character. Therefore, you should watch the badges for the police: if you see crossed out whistle, then you can attack. Otherwise, it’s better to wait for the right moment.

The graphics have a cartoon style game and at the same time are not inferior to more high-budget projects in other parameters. Draw range, rendering and many other parameters presented here have the highest level. In addition, it is worth noting the excellent optimization of the gameplay, which doesn’t load the device.

The sound component of Murderous Pursuits deserves special attention. We’ve previously told you about the Victorian setting. Therefore, it manifests itself in not only the environment, but also in what is happening around and voice acting. You can hear a soundtrack in the background, which could be a great addition to the next movie with Sherlock Holmes.

Murderous Pursuits is a prominent representative of multiplayer genre, as all matches played here have real players. When there are not enough gamers on the map, game skillfully replaces them by bots, but the quality of the gameplay practically does not suffer from this. In any case, we provide this information for a specific reason.

Despite the many different mods that you can download on the Internet, none of them work. Hacking is almost impossible for multiplayer games. Developers can immediately find a dishonest player and ban him. Thus, our team can guarantees that there are no working additional features for this game. If a modified version appears, we will definitely test it and add it to the website for our visitors.

Murderous Pursuits gameplay comes down to a simple rule: every match is a never-ending hunt. You are a hunter and a victim at the same time. If the victim is hiding, you need to looking for a new one. If you die, they look for a new one again. It’s such a wild and cynical cycle of life and death. The game is so intense that all possible events take place within one minute. You shoot – and then they shoot at you. You discover and then they discover you. A second ago, you were a cunning assassin who stabbed an aristocrat in public, and now you are a pitiful dead man lying in the hallway. Any behavior other than usual is revealing, and the consequences are seldom long in coming.

Despite the fact that Murderous Pursuits is a good, interesting, comfortable game, it cannot take on for a long time. It simply lacks content and, probably, some kind of mechanic. Few maps, few character abilities, so-so customization. The game fully unfolds in a couple of hours. Then you either stay because you became a fan, or go to other games like Scary Teacher 3D because here you got everything you could. By the way, if you prefer races then don’t miss Hellrider 3. 

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Murderous Pursuits before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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