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My Cafe – Restaurant game is a shareware arcade simulator with elements of management strategy for mobile platforms. In the game, you have to manage your own cafe, where you need to think over a business strategy, work out a menu, decorate and make a profit. As you progress, you also can share your successes with friends and meet partners who can help take your restaurant experience to the next level. It is not difficult to guess that the main goal of this game is to satisfy the gastronomic needs of inhabitants of a small colorful town. In return, people pay money and tell interesting stories from their lives.

Let’s take a look at the key features of My Cafe – Restaurant game.

Various types of equipment are required for making drinks and baking. These are machines for making tea, coffee, hot chocolate. Glass refrigerators for ice, juice, milk. Shelves for spices, such as lemon, cinnamon, grated chocolate, etc. Ice cream makers for ice cream. Showcases for croissants, cupcakes, cheesecakes, donuts. In addition, devices become available to you from the ninth level. Usually, there are two versions: regular (one star) and improved, 2-3 times more expensive. We recommend buying a good device right away because you have to pay exactly one and a half times more for the update.

You can create an entourage for your cafe in several styles: French, British, Chinese, American, northern and “loft”. Each item increases the prestige of the cafe. The more expensive the item, the higher the plus to prestige for it. Prestige increases the percentage of tips that guests leave. The characters are constantly asking to buy something for them. Either the chairs are solid and put the leather sofa in the middle of the Chinese lamps. That is boring without music and you need high-tech equipment in the middle of the posters with the Eiffel Tower.

After you have the opportunity to enter one of the cities or create your own, My Cafe – Restaurant game geography expands. You can go out to the city where your characters live and fulfill orders and tasks. In addition, the city can participate in festivals. Collect ratings and coins for well and quickly completed orders to compete with other cities. For a start, we recommend you to enter one of the already created cities in order to understand what you can do there and if it is interesting – create your own.

There are every day gifts in My Cafe – Restaurant game. You have a choice of several jars of coins, diamonds and spices, but you need to one. If you want to open more gifts, you need to complete all orders of one guest to receive another ticket. You can also win daily prize tickets for watching videos. In addition, you can receive a gift from visitor for completed orders or tasks or buy it for real money. Each of them may contain spices. The more expensive the gift, the more expensive the spice can be inside.

The graphics in My Cafe – Restaurant game are standard for this type of simulator. Thanks to the top-down camera, you observe your establishment and make some adjustments via pop-up menus with high-quality animation. The developers carefully drawn characters of the game, which only further pleases the eye. The game also has a sufficiently detailed musical component that allows you to plunge into the world of restaurant business.

The essence of My Cafe – Restaurant game is that you open a small cafe, where you treat guests with delicious drinks and pastries. First, according to basic recipes, and then according to complex ones, which are not so easy to guess. Visitors pay you money for this, as well as make small gifts and raise your rating and level in the game. The higher the level, the more unusual recipes and opportunities you have for developing your business. You not only need to collect recipes and prepare virtual drinks and food based on them, but also buy furniture, improve the design, decide what prices to set, make sure that every visitor is happy and hire new employees.

As you understand, all purchases require in-game currency, which is not so easy to earn. You need to spend a lot of time, just walking in one place to open new equipment or unlock the next recipe. Fortunately, we can offer a solution to this problem by installing our mod for unlimited money. From the very beginning, your money balance will be always the same when making any purchase. Therefore, you can buy absolutely anything.

We have tested My Cafe – Restaurant game for performance to guarantee its 100% performance. You do not need to perform any additional actions to get all the benefits of the modified version. Just download and install the APK file. Please note that in case of excessive use of funds, you can achieve incredible success at the initial levels, which can attract unnecessary attention from the developers and lead to your account to ban.

Number of regular customers increases with each new level in My Cafe – Restaurant game. Start from Margaret to gradually fill your cafe with dozens of guests making popular and rare orders. Try to keep an eye on everyone so that no one leaves upset. Install the equipment and sell necessary products on time to fulfill the rarest orders.

To begin with, you have a small room for a coffee shop and some money so that you buy the first bar counter with a chair, as well as a cabinet and a special apparatus for making tea. As soon as you made first purchases, the first visitor comes to you. From that moment on, you no longer belong to yourself. It is necessary to direct all your energy towards making coffee to earn you a lot of money. The largest sums you can achieve by cooking for rare orders (teas and coffee with spices).

It is worth noting that the first 3-4 levels are easy to play: you fulfill all orders, gradually increasing your capital. Then it becomes much more difficult. Orders are becoming less and less feasible (required spices cannot be bought without crystals or VIP status, there is no necessary equipment, visitors do not tell stories until you buy something new to the interior). 

As already mentioned, the main feature of My Cafe – Restaurant game is interesting characters with  fascinating plots and quests. In addition to ingenuity and strategy, ability to communicate can help you well  during the game. Find out all the secrets and mysteries of clients and relive turning points and important events of their lives. Help to expand their influence and make establishment better. Are you ready to own the best coffee shop in town? Then start the game quickly! You can also try your management skills by playing Farmville 3: Animals. 

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of My Cafe – Restaurant game before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process. 

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