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My Factory Tycoon – Idle Game is an addicting clicker for Android devices. Here you have to play the role of an entrepreneur, develop your business, earn and invest in it establishing production. Unlimited diamonds mod allows you not to think about profits. Just play for your own pleasure, becoming a real business shark. If you love clickers with simulator elements, then we also offer you Idle Ants – Simulator Game and Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon.

My Factory Tycoon – Idle Game is the choice of thousands of users with almost perfect rating. Find out why the game is so popular and what are its key features in our review.

Your journey begins with a small, modest factory with few workers and only a couple of workshops. During the game, you need to develop your production, expand the range of goods. Increase the area of ​​the factory and the number of workers. Don’t forget to invest capital wisely and distribute income. Produce everything from toys to ships, to make your income and production quite solid.

Develop the technical capabilities of your factory. You have the opportunity to automate the entire production, simply by clicking on the screen of your Android device. As demand grows, in-game equipment inevitably have to change, eventually becoming more advanced factory. The game provides a lot of opportunities to develop the business. Moreover, workers continue to stay in production even when you are not in the game.

The graphics in My Factory Tycoon – Idle Game have stylish cartoon style, without unnecessary details, as simple and laconic as possible to please the user’s eye. The characters design reminds pixel art and Minecraft heroes. Everyone can find something that pleases the eye among the variety of goods factory can produce. In other words you can produce ships, weapons and futuristic vehicles.

The world of My Factory Tycoon – Idle Game pleases the user’s eye with a stylized cartoon drawing, simplicity, minimalistic design and lack of flashy brightness. This design cheers up every time you launch the game. Unobtrusive and pleasant music allows you to completely immerse yourself in the game and stop being distracted by the outside world.

Our mod for unlimited diamonds allows you not to spend real currency on the game. It also opens up access to all sorts of factory upgrades without worrying about game currency. Therefore, you can experiment and try different ways of development. In fact, it is a complete freedom of action.

We checked out the modified version of My Factory Tycoon. We guarantee you that you won’t have any problems with its safety or workability. Just get an unlimited amount of diamonds and spend it on improving your production and conveyor lines. No additional effort is required.

The gameplay is striking in its simplicity and clarity. It only takes you a few minutes to figure out how to play. You only need to click on the screen of your device with no other complex actions. Only by clicking you can achieve incredible production success. However, you can do it much faster at the expense of diamonds that expand user’s capabilities in My Factory Tycoon. 

Diamonds allow you to make purchases of unique items. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to earn diamonds in sufficient quantities. Our mod gives the user an unlimited amount of diamonds free, thereby allowing you not to spend real money. In other words, just expand your possibilities and make the game process more dynamic and exciting. It is a real find for fans of this game and those who like to experiment. Do whatever you want regardless of game currency without spending many hours on gameplay.

My Factory Tycoon – Idle Game allows everyone to feel like a businessperson, develop economic abilities and improve factory. Unlimited diamonds also make the game even more interesting. Above all, this feature expands player’s capabilities reducing the time required to achieve goals. 

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of My Factory Tycoon before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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