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My Talking Angela is a kind of Tamagotchi for Android devices, where players have to take care of a snow-white cat. The simulator is a representative of the Talking Tom and Friends series. In this version, you have to take care of Angela and monitor her condition and development. Such games are good for those who dream of a pet or just want to have fun. The game developers definitely provide players with such a great opportunity: they filled the gameplay with many features that cannot make your bored. If you like simulators, then on our website you can also download Miga Town: My World and My Talking Hank.

Well, if you are a fan of pets or want to know all the content delights of such an animal, then learn all the benefits of this game.

My Talking Angela has excellent graphics and comfortable gameplay. It facilitates the process of caring for a seductive cat and makes the game very fun. In total, it takes a lot of work to give a cat a dazzling look. The game has hundreds of options for hairstyles, makeup and other types of fashion features for your pet. With that entire arsenal, you can to make your Angela a real fashionista. In addition, you can become the main makeup artist. You are able to work on not only the look of Angela f, but also on her faithful friends.

Angela is the talking cat. Everything that you say into the microphone, she repeats with her gentle voice. However, if you are going to play this simulator, be sure to allow the app to use a microphone. Otherwise, this opportunity won’t be available to you. You can sing a melody through the microphone that your adorable cat then can sing to you. My Talking Angela helps you brighten up your life and make your free time fun and exciting.

One of the possibilities of My Talking Angela is collecting a variety of pictures with cats. For this, the developers have provided the game with a special album. Assembling a collection of photographs allows you to get additional goodies: exclusive accessories and backgrounds. When the album page is full, you receive a crystal. Moreover, you can exchange this currency for various decorations and accessories. Keep an eye on your pet and fulfill all her whims to collect all the photos.

Besides the main game, My talking Angela has built-in mini-games. Various puzzles also play its role. You get in-game currency coin solving them. For the first time, only some of quests are available to you. However, by improving the rooms in your house, you can unlock new mini-games. Such a phased expansion of simulator functionality can certainly arouse the interest of everyone who plays this game.

Compared to games about Tom the cat, the graphics engine of My Talking Angela has remained practically unchanged. You can still find beautiful cartoon graphics and many bright colors. In general, the visual design of the game is pleasing to the eye. The soundtrack deserves special attention. Each mini-game has its own unique soundtrack and set of sounds.

Each action in the game brings you a few coins, which you can then spend on buying food or outfits for Angela. However, if you really want to take full advantage of My Talking Angela and pamper your cat, you have to diligently collect in-game currency or watch dozens of annoying video ads. Fortunately, we can solve your problem by providing a mod for unlimited money. With it, you can always buy the best and most expensive items without wasting time watching useless videos.

Our team tested My Talking Angela and mod for unlimited money. Based on the test results, we can guarantee its stable operation and almost infinite supply of in-game currency already at the first start of the game. We should also note that our specialists checked the installation file for viruses and did not detect any malicious programs. Follow the instructions below to take full advantage of above-mentioned features.

We would like to note that the developers really did their best and there are practically no problems in the game. This very significant advantage guarantees popularity. In addition, the game has a huge number of outfits and styles. Therefore, you flight of fantasies has no limits, so you can choose an outfit to your liking.

Are you tired of the main game plot? Never mind, play mini-games right in My Talking Angela. After solving some puzzles, you can earn some in-game diamonds. Thanks to excellent integration with YouTube, you can broadcast gameplay, in other words, stream. Now your friends can watch the gameplay.

The developers also realized a huge potential for interaction between user and game character. To get additional game benefits, as in any application, you have to deposit real money. This does not affect the gameplay, so you can safely play without donation.

My Talking Angela is an interesting and colorful simulator. It is not just another boring representative of this genre. Something distinguishes it from other games: beautiful outfits, bright makeup, pleasant gameplay and functionality. Therefore, the app becomes suitable not only for adults, but also for children. Toddlers are able to cope with simple controls and simple functions. You can make sure of all the above-mentioned charms of this game right now.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of My Talking Angela before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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