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My Talking Hank is a kind of spinoff of Talking Tom series, but this time you have to play with puppy Hank. Games of this genre have become quite popular, and many people like to keep such a new Tamagotchi. In this part, you become the owner of a funny pet that you need to feed, wash, put to bed and play. Hank reacts to touching him in a completely individual and unpredictable manner. In addition, one of the entertainment of your pet is photographing various animals. Have a lot of fun with Hank. By the way, if you love caring for animals, you can also download Bubbu Restaurant and Pokemon Masters.

My Talking Hank boasts 100 million downloads. Let’s find out the secret of its success.

Surprising but true, My talking Hank has its own plot. After installing and launching the game, you can watch a video that tells how a large bird brought small puppy in a basket to a lost island by. According to palms and warm weather, this island is located somewhere in the tropics. Although the puppy’s name is Hank, you can give him any name. Moreover, you can do it not only at the game beginning, but also at any time convenient for you. The number of Hank’s renames is unlimited.

The island is a home of our hero. You can find here a rich fauna. Hank, traveling through it, finds new images for his photograph. Moreover, if you want to make a photo of rare animal, you need to throw sweets and toys periodically to draw attention. The store in My Talking Hank allows you to buy various balls, pool, tape recorder etc.

Besides the usual things for dogs, Hank has one interesting hobby. He loves to photograph different animals uses his own camera whenever possible. Hank keeps all of his photographs in a special album. The goal of your mission is to take a picture of each animal with different toys. Any completed task brings you a bonus in form of coins. By capturing each animal at least 30 times, you can get not only money, but also crystals. When a new animal appears on the island, a red exclamation mark appears in the right corner of the screen.

If you have not enough resources obtained in the traditional way, you can take advantage of another opportunity. Watch bonus videos. After its ending, you can play a roulette wheel that allows you to win a small amount of additional crystals or coins.

My Talking Hank has decent graphics for projects of this genre. The musical accompaniment did not disappoint either. You can hear the sounds of various animals. Moreover, if you click on the microphone icon and say a word or a phrase, the puppy can reproduce it with his cheerful voice.

As mentioned above, caring for Hank requires a certain investment within the game currency. You always can do without it and feed Hank a standard meal or not play with him at all. However, it’s quite difficult to keep from pampering your pet. You can always watch an ad and get certain bonuses for this, but some in-game items are so expensive that viewing commercials is not enough. That is why we suggest you to download My Talking Hank with mod for unlimited coins and gems. With its help, you can easily give your dog whatever you want.

Our team tested the mod for unlimited coins and gems for My Talking Hank. The test results show that it works without problems. After the first game launch, you can enjoy an almost endless supply of cash for your pet. The only caveat is that ads can still appear at the most inopportune moment anyway. We recommend you to turn off the Internet on your mobile device before starting the game, so as not to be distracted from the gameplay. We should note that installation is completely safe – our experts have checked it for viruses.

As in most simulation games, in order to satisfy the pet’s hunger, it must be fed periodically. You can do it on a kitchen. The developers of My Talking Hank were not too lazy and created a rather varied menu. Your pet can eat carrots, bananas, pizza, apples, and more. Encourage Hank’s actions with a delicious crunchy bone.

Hank loves to sleep on his hammock. The simulator allows you to change day and night. In order to send your pet to sleep, you need to click on the sun icon. Then day changes to night and the puppy goes to sleep. If you do everything right, the puppy can grow into a beautiful dog.

In addition to the basic responsibilities, you should buy your puppy a variety of outfits. He is a real fashionista and makes sure to replenish his wardrobe with new suits. Purchase various hats, outerwear and other accessories in the game store. You can make Hank look like a scientist or a rapper. The game even allows you to change eye color.

If you decide to download My Talking Hank, then you guarantee yourself a pleasant pastime in the company of a cool dog that has good humor and individual charismatic movements. The beautiful interface and original voice acting leave only the best impression. Growing up and caring for Hank is a great and addictive pleasure for many hours. Moreover, the way he repeats your speech deserves special encouragement. It is a worthy sequel to great series of games from the famous British company.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of My Talking Hank before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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