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My Talking Tom 2 is one of the most popular projects in pet simulator genre. This game is the second project in the Talking cat franchise. Number of gameplay possibilities increased almost twice. Graphics have been worked out much better and much more. Main essence remains the same and you have to take a small pet under your wing and take care of him. Project focuses on children’s audience, since the gameplay allows the child to get used to a sense of responsibility and discipline. Your child have to take care of the pet in every possible way. Download also My Talking Angela 2.

Find out the main features of continuation of the famous game from our review.

The My Talking Tom and Friends franchise includes not only mobile games, but also cartoons, novels and individual stories. A gray cat named Tom is the protagonist of almost every part of the series, and he is the central character of narrative in this game. By nature, he is carefree and cheerful, loves to play pranks. His girlfriend’s name is Angela, while his best friend is Ben. In addition, the protagonist’s best friend is retired chemistry professor Ben. Each game in the series has a separate storyline.

My Talking Tom 2 belongs to virtual pet genre. The child can just have fun with his virtual friend, enjoying various activities, such as playing the drums. Project assumes an emphasis on interactive functions. Touch, tickle and push the main character. In addition, the animal immediately responds to the player’s actions, which, of course, makes the gameplay more interesting. In addition, you can ask Tom to talk. Just say wished phrases into the microphone by selecting the recording function in interface and then the pet will repeat everything with its funny voice.

Tom needs constant care. You have to feed him in kitchen on time, serving food to the little sweet tooth. Don’t forget to monitor his hygiene, bathe and send him to sleep when the main character falls off his feet from fatigue. In order to make it easier for you to navigate in the current state of Tom, interface features several indicators of satiety, happiness, fatigue and so on.

Moreover, you can observe all the vital signs of your pet in the top part of application. Among them, you can see the need for food, bathing, relaxation and entertainment. Each of indicators in My Talking Tom 2 has own scale, which reflects the degree of pet’s satisfaction. When the scale is red, then the kitten is upset. If it is yellow, then main hero is averagely satisfied. If it is green, then he is happy. In order to prevent these scales from reaching red, players need to look after the animal constantly. Feed, bathe, dress, have fun, communicate with him and perform many other care actions.

Graphics in My Talking Tom 2 are cartoon-like, but also three-dimensional, which completes the immersive gameplay experience. It is possible all manipulations of the gameplay using the touchscreen, so you can easily figure out app functionality. Tom also has a sweet and funny voice and can interact with player by repeating his phrases.

In addition to the fact that you can move around a large house and satisfy the needs of your pet, it is necessary to decorate and furnish kitten home in every possible way. Main hero of My Talking Tom 2 himself can also pick up various accessories and clothes. You need in-game currency for all these purchases. Try yourself in mini-games to earn required amount. If you do not want to waste your time, then download our mod for unlimited money that we offer you.

One of the main advantages is an extremely simple interface, as well as a character manipulation mechanism. The child can quickly get used to the game, without even thinking about how Tom is controlled. As soon as you start the game, Tom needs to be distracted. Just touch him with your hand and the hero will quickly respond to the touch. Try stroking it, or touching its paws and ears. Each action in My Talking Tom 2 turns on funny exclamations of the main character. You can do all controls through the touchscreen.

As mentioned earlier, My Talking Tom 2 is part of the same franchise. However, all games, films, as well as cartoons in this series are separate works. You have to help the kitten cope with daily life and visit outlandish places with him. There is simply no coherent narrative here. All stories proceed at the request of the player. Tom grew up, made friends, and even found his nephew. Now he is the company of hundreds of children around the world.

First, you need to feed Tom. Take him to the kitchen and seat at the table to do this. Don’t worry about having food – it’s already on your plate. When the cat has eaten, animal wants to go to the toilet and then sleep. Take care of him, then put him to bed and turn off the light. When your pet gets enough sleep, it is time to send him on a flight in a small plane. Therefore, he can visit the most beautiful places, bring new home decorations, different clothes, food, and even own pets. They are just as cute and funny, you can chat with them or watch how Tom does it himself.

There are many ways to interact with a cat in My Talking Tom 2. You can twist, bathe, pick up, dress up, put on the toilet, arrange various entertainment, swing and even throw a ball. Tom also has a trampoline that he just loves to jump on. Only this fidget is unable to land, so you need to move the trampoline constantly so that the pet does not fall.

Like any living creature, your animal can have health problems, especially if you overdo it with entertainment. He may catch a cold, runny nose or some other attack. In this case, the first aid kit located in the bathroom can help you. There are many remedies for common diseases.

If you love mini-games, there are seven different types of mini-games in My Talking Tom 2. Choose what you like best: archery, match-3, overcoming obstacles, shooting cannon at bricks, inflating balloons or composing colored blocks.

You have the opportunity to compete with other players in Space Trails that in many ways resembles a snake. Try to grow the longest one by eating stardust to get the most points. Do not collide with the snakes of other players because you will be defeated. You can even cross your tail. However, if opponent accidentally ran into you, hurry up to collect his dust, scattered in large quantities.

Download My Talking Tom 2 to make this virtual pet a trusted friend for your child. The project has not only an entertainment function. It is useful in that it can teach the little gamer responsibility, cleanliness and help instill in him a desire for order.

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